Windstar Celebrates 35 Years of Tahiti Cruises

In honor of 35 years sailing French Polynesia, Windstar Cruises will sail additional itineraries in Tahiti this October and year-round beginning in 2024.  The cruise line will also host a 7-day President’s Cruise on October 9th on board Star Breeze which will feature events with Tahitian government officials/tourism partners,  local entertainment, Windstar’s signature event motu celebration in Bora Bora, and other special programming. 

“The entire month is a celebration of Tahiti,” says Windstar Cruises’ President Christopher Prelog. “We are now planning special events with local artists and dignitaries, as well as an ongoing celebration of local culture. Our designated President’s Cruise on the October 9th sailing will also bring aboard some high-ranking leaders of Tahiti along with executives from Windstar. We want it to be a way to thank our local partners, vendors, and everyone in local tourism that makes this destination so special, as well as renew our relationships and commitments for sailing in the future.” 

In October, Windstar will move the all-suite, 312-guest Star Breeze to French Polynesia. The all-suite Star Breeze features newly renovated guest suites, two new restaurants, a new World Spa, and an infinity pool. In February 2024, Star Breeze will move to Tahiti year-round in place of Wind Spirit.


Windstar Cruises in Tahiti 

French Polynesian President Edouard Fritch expressed excitement that Windstar Cruises would be bringing more guests to the collection of 121 islands and atolls which make up the region. 

“For 35 years, Windstar has participated in the development of cruising and the economy in our islands, thanks to their first three sailing cruise ships, pioneers of sustainable tourism,” said Fritch. “Like our seafaring ancestors who connected the islands of this vast ocean, Windstar connected our peoples and our cultures. We are delighted to be able to celebrate our long relationship together. I would also like to thank Mr. Prelog and his teams for the trust they place in our destination by positioning Star Breeze in 2024 in French Polynesia. This ship will make it possible to share the Polynesian experience with a greater number of guests, to visit more remote islands of our archipelagos, and to contribute to the prosperity of our families in their islands. More than paradisiacal landscapes to discover, the Islands of Tahiti offers you unique experiences and unforgettable encounters.”

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