Madeira New Year's Eve Fireworks

Why You Should Spend the Holiday Season in Madeira

Happy Holidays, Cruisers! As well all get ready for fun and festivities with friends and family, there’s one place in particular that takes the holiday season to a whole new level! The Portuguese island of Madeira is visited by millions each year for its vibrant culture, natural beauty and during the holidays, one of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations anywhere in the world. The island’s famous fireworks display has even been named the biggest in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records and the island was voted “Best European Cruise Destination for 2022” at the World Cruise Awards this year. 

There’s so much to do and see in Madeira, especially this time of year. If you’re looking for a place to visit this holiday season or in the future, Madeira needs to be on your radar!

Madeira New Year's Eve Fireworks

Madeira’s Famous Holiday Celebrations and Fireworks 

Madeira has a history dating back hundreds of years and has long been a top vacation destination during the holiday season because of the fabulous display of New Year’s Eve fireworks which can best be seen from a cruise ship or yacht from off the coast of Funchal, the island’s capital city. The show lasts for around eight minutes and fireworks are set off from several different locations in and around Funchal, completely lighting up the city during the show. It’s a can’t miss for anyone ringing in 2023 on the island! 

Along with the fireworks display, downtown Funchal turns into a festive holiday city with light displays, music and a nativity scene featuring white and gold fabrics and flowers from around the island. The Christmas Market, found along the central walkways of Avenida Arriaga in Funchal’s downtown, is another popular place to feel the holiday spirit as well as immerse themselves in traditional plants, fruits, Madeira wine, sugarcane syrup, and more all local to the island. There’s no better place to immerse yourself in the holiday culture and traditions of Madeira than the Christmas Market! 

Another must-see for visitors to the island is the Madeira Embroidery and Regional Crafts Pavilion found inside the Christmas Market downtown, which, during the holidays, features a number of Christmas treats as well as tastings of some of Madeira’s best wines. The island has a long history of winemaking and their signature vino, called Madeira, is known the world over for its tradition and uses in cooking as well as sipping. 

Make Sure Your Madeira Vacation is During the Holidays

The holidays are so special for families and friends and there’s no better place to celebrate than the island of Madeira. From the unique culture to the cuisine, to the exciting display of holiday  cheer, Madeira is poised to remain a top cruise and travel destination for those looking for something new and special for Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

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