There’s New Details About Carnival Celebration’s Entertainment

Carnival Cruise Line’s new vessel, Carnival Celebration, was already expected to be as big and expansive as they come but today the company exceeded expectations by revealing new groundbreaking entertainment passengers will experience on board.

Carnival Celebration will offer guests contemporary entertainment featuring newly produced shows, luxury parties, interactive game shows, and aerialist acts.

“At home, when the sun goes down, normally it’s time to wind down, but not on a Carnival cruise,” said Chris Nelson, vice president of entertainment for Carnival Cruise Line. “We wanted to give our guests new reasons to celebrate nights at sea with us on Carnival Celebration and have designed a collection of new shows and other types of entertainment where eye-catching aerialists, cutting-edge technology, and next-level talent will dazzle our guests every evening.” 

Brand-new performances guests can expect while on board include:

Color My World- An Indie Rock and Pop Love Story: Guests in attendance at this show will see an inventive performance filled with romance based on a notable artist and his assistant. The show will give the audience a front-row seat to their intimate love story by way of vivid colors and artistic pieces. The show will feature many different styles of dance like jazz, musical theater, and ballet, paired with well-known hits from indie, pop, and rock genres.  The vibrant show promises guests to live painting during the performance and an experience that will highlight the importance of artistic expression.

The Most Magnificent Circus: A big-top circus show, this performance promises its audience a plot of self-discovery and self-acceptance through an array of wire-rigged performers showcasing their talents while soaring above the audience. Carnival promises a captivating and exorbitant show highlighting the performers’ unique talents like mirror & ladder aerial and trapeze acts.

Rio Carnival: Making its debut in May 2023, Rio Carnival is a high-energy Brazilian dance show that promises guests an interactive performance filled with different dance styles. The show aims to get the audience moving their hips and letting loose. The cast will perform choreographed dances from styles like Bossa Nova, Batudada, Forro, Capoeira, Samba, Marchinha, and Caribou in tune with some of the most notable Latin songs of all time, in both English and Portuguese languages.

Visual Symphony: Starting this December, the Visual Symphony promises a revolutionary show highlighting Celebration Central’s 16 massive moving LED screens paired with classic rock hits to create a futuristic sensation. The show features modern technology and special effects in the zone’s three-deck-high space.

Aside from the already popular Family Feud Live, Deal or No Deal, and Love and Marriage game shows, Carnival is also debuting new interactive game shows.

Here are a few game shows added to the lineup:

Guess That Groove: An interactive game show where guests will showcase their knowledge of hit songs and break out their best dance moves.

What’s Age Got to Do With It: This Q&A trivia show is for all ages and features parent and child teams competing to prove they are the best family duo on the ship.

Cash Bash: Working with Carnival Celebration’s Casino, guests can win cash prizes while taking part in competitions and interactive games.

Carnival also promises their guests a few brand-new parties like a new Evolution dance party hosted by the ship’s experienced DJ and a Celebration Happy Hour located at the Latitudes Bar.

Carnival Celebration will debut this November out of the newly renovated Terminal F at Port Miami, the line’s largest in South Florida and 3rd terminal at the port. Carnival will launch several year-round 7-day cruises to the Caribbean on sale beginning on November 21.