St. Kitts Botanical Shore Excursion

Meet The Plant Medicine Doctor of St. Kitts Who Cures Ailments With Plants

Humans are products of their environment. When living on an island in the Caribbean like St. Kitts, people have adapted to survive using the local flora and fauna for all sorts of things.

For cruisers looking for a very unique St. Kitts shore excursion, O’Neil’s Tours offers an expedition into the jungle to explore the many plants that locals use for all sorts of healing and health purposes. Our guide, one of the most well-known medicine men on the island, led us on an adventure through the lush tropical plants of St. Kitts and pointed out some of the most important when it comes to everything from pain to relaxation. 

If you’re headed to St. Kitts on a cruise or visiting on your own, this is a tour you aren’t going to want to miss! If you’ve been to St. Kitts, let us know about your experiences in the comments below!