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Flavor Stars: Chefs Anthony Sasso and Steven Raichlen

Two of the world’s greatest chefs are bringing their best to sea in radically different — but delicious — ways for diners sailing aboard three of Windstar’s small ships. The chefs, Anthony Sasso and Steven Raichlen, differ in their backgrounds and culinary styles. But what they have in common is a downright obsessive drive for perfection and the skills to bring their delicious visions to life. Just reading the impressive profiles of these geniuses will make even the most discerning mouths water.

ANTHONY SASSO: Spanish Small Plates

Sasso didn’t grow up with a family of restaurateurs pushing him toward a career in cooking. He found the calling on his own. 

His dad was a hard-working carpenter and his mother held down two and three jobs to help the family make ends meet.

“My three sisters and I were often stuck in the kitchen to fend for ourselves,” Sasso says.

Luckily his grandmother, who lived nearby, would come over to cook and there was always something intriguing on the stove. She would let the kids help out. Observing her helped Sasso form the vision of being a chef, even at that young age. But what really clinched it for him was that the Food Network was just taking off. He loved watching the chefs creating exotic dishes.

As a teenager, he began working in the kitchens of some of New York’s primo eating establishments. Still, it took a while for him to narrow his focus. 

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