Bamboo Bedding

Cariloha Bamboo: Comfort, Style and Sustainability

When it comes to being cool and comfortable, the fabrics in your life matter. There are countless fabric-makers who tout their sweat-wicking, antibacterial materials, but did you know there’s an all-natural alternative that works even better? Bamboo from Cariloha. 

Bamboo has been used by humans for thousands of years and now in 2020, we’re still finding new ways to make use of this incredible plant. One of the top producers of bamboo fabrics in the industry is Cariloha Bamboo thanks to their incredible line of high-quality clothing, bedding and bath fabrics made from all-natural bamboo fibers with no added chemicals, pesticides or synthetic fabrics. 

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Why Bamboo? 

Bamboo Clothing

Photo: Cariloha Bamboo

There are four reasons why bamboo is perfect for making fabrics; it’s soft, cool, clean, and green! 


Many would opt for cotton when it comes to their clothing, sheets or bath towels, but did you know that bamboo fabric is even softer than cotton? Just run your fingers across any of Cariloha’s bamboo products and feel the softness for yourself. Bamboo fibers are highly durable, yet maintain their softness throughout their life. 


There’s been a boom of exercise-centric fabrics lately designed to wick moisture away from the body, but bamboo remains the all-natural way to keep your body cool when things get warm! Cariloha clothing doesn’t stick to the skin, instead keeping you dry and cool thanks to the natural airflow it allows. The insulating properties keep the cool in and the sun at bay so you can do what you love in perfect comfort. Don’t spend a fortune on synthetic materials to keep cool when all-natural bamboo does a far better job! 


In an era where cleanliness is on everyone’s mind, bamboo fabrics are naturally antibacterial and resistant to all manner of bugs and allergens. Cariloha produces all their bamboo fabrics using an all-natural fiber found in the plant called viscose that doesn’t contain any pesticides or irritants that can sometimes accompany fabrics produced with chemicals. Anyone with sensitive skin, particularly children, will love the 100% natural, clean, and hypo-allergenic fabrics produced by Cariloha because they won’t irritate the skin or cause any kind of allergic reaction. 


Did you know that bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth? It’s a member of the same plant family as the grass on your lawn so it grows back very quickly once it’s been cut down to produce high quality fabrics. Some mature bamboo plants can grow up to four feet in a single day! That makes it a far more sustainable option for clothing, bedding, towels and more because there’s no risk of deforestation or over-harvesting. Bamboo is wonderful for the ecosystem as well as it provides the world with fresh oxygen and a habitat for animal life. Using alternatives like bamboo rather than traditional, slow-growing trees is going to be an important part of sustainability in the future! 

The Most Comfortable Bamboo Clothing 

Bamboo Clothes

Photo: Cariloha Bamboo

Cariloha makes quality bamboo fabric clothing for men and women. Their collections are designed for performance and comfort no matter where or when you need it. From wicking sport shirts to the softest sleepwear that keeps you cool at night, there’s a Cariloha product that can improve your life. Their designs blend style and self-expression into every piece of clothing for a chic look and comfortable feel. 

Each piece is lightweight, but durable enough to withstand wear after wear and wash after wash. Unlike synthetic materials, after the lifecycle of your bamboo clothing has run its course, the material will eventually biodegrade right back into the Earth from which it came. 



Keep Cool With Bamboo Bedding

Bamboo Bedding

Photo: Cariloha Bamboo

The benefits of a good night’s sleep are almost too long to list. Unfortunately, some people still struggle with uncomfortable sheets that cause overheating, sweating and discomfort throughout the night. If you’re a warm sleeper, Cariloha bamboo sheets and bed covers are three degrees cooler than traditional bedding fabrics. That means fewer nights waking up hot and sweaty, ruining a great night’s sleep. 

Cariloha also produces a line of cool comfort pillows and mattresses made from all-natural bamboo viscose combined with memory foam and gel technology. Each product is designed to be soft, cool, and tailored to the specific preference of the sleeper while also repelling the dirt, dust and odors that come with everyday life. It’s the most comfortable you can be in bed!  

The Softest Bamboo Bath Products 

Is there anything better than a soft, warm towel and robe after bathing? Cariloha’s line of quality bamboo fabric bath products are designed with comfort and style in mind. The bath towels are extra large for more drying power and made from clean, eco-friendly viscose-from-bamboo fabric that naturally repel odors and allergens. Cariloha’s 3-piece bamboo fabric towel sets come in a variety of beautiful colors and feature an extra large bath towel, a hand towel and washcloth. 

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, check out a Cariloha unisex robe in Graphite or White! These robes are the pinnacle of luxury with an ultra-soft feel that stays clean and fresh for longer. The plush robes are made using a unique double-knit process where the interior is Cariloha’s Crazy-soft™ bamboo for the ultimate comfort. Durable and long lasting, these robes are a must-have for someone who loves comfort!

Bamboo Bath Towels

Photo: Cariloha Bamboo

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