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Antara Announces 53-Day India River Cruise

River cruise vacations are wildly popular all over the world and today we heard about one that will blow your mind. Antara Luxury River Cruises is a river cruising company based in India operating nine ships across 28 waterways in the region. They’ve announced a new cruise that will take guests along 3000 miles of river in 53 days on what they’re calling The Grand Cruise. 

The cruise navigates the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers, along with 25 more, on board Ganga Vilas, the cruise line’s 18-suite river ship. Designed for minimal pollution and environmental impact, the Ganga Vilas holds just 36 guests and features a panoramic lounge, sun deck, observation pavilion and even a spa and gym. The suites are gorgeous and feature all the amenities you’d find on any other ship. 

The Grand Cruise from Antara 

Embarking from Prayagraj, India along the Ganges in the northern part of the country, the cruise sails East and visits a number of World Heritage monuments, colonial cities, ancient empires, artisan villages, and the world’s largest mangrove forest. Other highlights include the Tomb of Lord Cornwallis, ancient Buddhist universities, the palace of a thousand doors, colonial trading outposts on the lower Ganges, textiles villages that bankrupted empires, and the Victoria Memorial in the grand city of Kolkata, the great financial and political capital of British India.

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After arriving in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the ship will sail through India’s rural regions along the Brahmaputra with the Himalayas in the background on it’s way to Guwahati and the tigers and rhinos of Kaziranga National Park. 

The catch? It’s pricey! Packages start at $26,000 per person so this cruise definitely isn’t for everyone! But if you’re looking for the kind of vacation that really impresses, this one is certainly capable! 

Have you ever cruised to India? How about river cruising in general? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!