Your 2020 Fall Road Trip To-Do List

As the warm, sunny days of summertime come to a close, many are looking to tailor their trip destinations to something a bit more Fall-focused. Just like you go from ordering iced tea to pumpkin spice lattes, there is also a number of fun Fall activities to get involved in. People are no longer flocking to sandy beaches, rather a long hike is more appealing without the unbearable heat.

It’s only a matter of time before the leaves begin changing to their warm color tones and get swept away to the ground, giving many an undeniable urge to jump into piles. So, keeping the spirit of autumn in mind, here are some must-dos when you take your Fall 2020 road trip! 

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins are a staple of the fall season. Not only do they taste delicious when baked into a pie, but they can be carved and morphed any way you want. As autumn rolls in, there are many pumpkin patches that come along with it. Of course, visiting one on a trip makes it a bit harder to pick out that one special pumpkin to create a jack-o’-lantern, but pumpkin picking isn’t all there is to do. Most pumpkin patches are attached to humble farms that offer various activities such as hayrides, corn mazes, and fruit picking (a much easier snacking alternative on trips than a pumpkin). Some farms, such as Deal Family Farm in Franklin, NC, even offer haunted mazes for those of you more in touch with the spooky side of autumn.

Hotels? Nah, it’s Cabin Season

Although log cabins may be thought upon for their cozy appeal during winter vacations, they shouldn’t be overlooked in the fall. One of the easiest ways to get closer in touch with nature is to truly immerse yourself within it. There are copious log cabin rentals littered across the map, tucked between trees and sidled up next to creeks or rivers. Renting a cabin is both a relaxing and rewarding experience that can connect you with the environment and allow for life to slow down just a little.

Some of the best places to rent log cabins is on or near a mountain range. Areas such as the Blue Ridge Mountains in northern Georgia and the Great Smoky Mountains between Tennessee and North Carolina are perfect for finding cabins near gorgeous scenery.

Find a Trail and Get Moving

Time to dig your hiking shoes out of the closet and get some well needed fresh air. Autumn is a relatively temperate season, which makes it perfect for tackling longer hiking trails. The best part about hiking is the ability to choose a trail suitable to you. Trails can range from being strenuous with many ups and downs to just a simple walk around a nice lake. For example, there is the beautiful Beehive Trail that takes you along cliffsides by the water in the Acadia National Park of Maine. Despite being just short of a mile long, this hike is considered difficult due to its heavy terrain. On the other hand, there are trails such as the Turkey Neck Trail in Montross, VA, which is a longer three-mile trail, but rated as a moderate hike. Every trail has its own beauty to it with chances of seeing wildlife or taking in picturesque views of lakes and foliage.

Tired of Walking? Ride a Horse!

For the last fall activity on this list, horseback riding offers all the fun of going on a hike without having to do any of the ups and downs yourself. There’s also the added bonus of gaining a new equine friend. Guided horseback trails allow for riders to sit back and enjoy the world without any worries of getting lost. There’s something unequivocally exciting about strolling around while on horseback, and it can be accomplished by total amateurs. The Marriott Ranch in Hume, VA offers guided trails for any level rider that take at least an hour long. Another great location for guided trails is Anne Springs Close Greenway located in Fort Mill, SC where you can book one to one and a half hour rides. (The Anne Springs Close Greenway also has tons of other outdoor activities such as kayaking and endless trails to hike).

Where would you go on a Fall 2020 road trip? Let us know in the comments below!

Born and raised in Florida, Natasha is a UCF graduate with a penchant for travel. This love of seeing the world came from her parents, who have been a part of the cruise industry all her life. She has had some experience in working with literary magazines, and now hopes to bring the joys of the world to life with her words.