Windstar Cruises Adds All-Inclusive Pricing Options

One of the most popular small ship luxury cruise lines is changing the way they sell cruises. Windstar Cruises announced today that the cruise line would now be offering all-inclusive cruise vacations where guests pay a flat fee for their booking which includes the base cruise fare, unlimited wine, beer, and cocktails; Wi-Fi; and even all gratuities. Previously, guests would add on extras for an upcharge when planning their cruise through Windstar. 

According to Windstar Cruises President Christopher Prelog, the new offerings give people the flexibility to curate their ideal vacation while also staying in line with the latest luxury cruise philosophies practiced by their peers. 

“In an effort to be more in line with other luxury offerings in the cruise industry, particularly with the rollout of our newly transformed all-suite Star Plus Class yachts, we’re now giving the option of an all-inclusive price for all of our sailings,” said Prelog. “We didn’t want to take away the à la carte option from guests who enjoy going that way. We want our guests to have the choice based on their preference, what they need on board, and their general vacation philosophy.”

$250 Million Star Plus Initiative

First announced in 2018, Windstar’s $250 million initiative to increase the capacity of their motor yachts also played a part in the switch to all-inclusive vacation package options. 

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“We thought about only offering the all-inclusive fare on the newly transformed Star Plus Class yachts,” said Prelog. “But after talking and listening to our repeat guests and valued Travel Advisors, we found some like to go à la carte and only purchase amenities as they go. After discussing internally, we all came to the same conclusion – why not offer both on all our yachts? We offer a choice between sailing yachts and all-suite yachts, and now a la carte or all-inclusive. That seems to fit the Windstar brand.”

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