Warner Bros. Produces New Series “Maritime Masters: Expedition Antarctica”

Viewers will soon experience an exploratory cruise from the comfort of their home with the new original series “Maritime Masters: Expedition Antarctica.” Warner Bros. Discovery is producing the docu-series, which features an in-depth look into the operation and voyages of the Scenic Eclipse, the world’s first luxury yacht operated by Scenic. 

“A journey on board an ultra-luxury cruise ship is the stuff dreams are made of,” said Lynn Ng, VP, Head of Content Operations, APAC at Warner Bros. Discovery. “As the leading global producer of real-life entertainment, there is no-one better placed to bring this to life than Warner Bros. Discovery.”

Warner Bros. Discovery showcases journeys to incredible destinations while acknowledging the work and dedication it takes to ensure an amazing travel experience for guests. The series will cover everything from Scenic’s crew to the makings of its delicious food. It will also feature incredible excursions and activities on the voyage, including helicopter rides and dives in a custom-designed submarine. 

“Maritime Masters: Expedition Antarctica” will premiere on Discovery Channel in 20 different languages internationally in mid-May. Transmission dates will be announced soon. 

Preview the new docu-series here: https://www.scenicusa.com/maritime-masters.

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By Lily Ogburn