Virgin Voyages Delays Launch of Resilient Lady

The launch of Virgin Voyages 3rd ship will be delayed until mid-2023, according to a press release from the cruise line today. Virgin cited supply chain obstacles, a level of regional uncertainty for international travelers in countries in East Europe, crewing challenges based on government regulations and restrictive COVID entry requirements back into the US as the primary reasons for the delay.   

According to CEO Tom McAlpin, the line’s successes thus far outweigh a delay in the third ship’s arrival. 

“As a new brand that is just getting started, we’ve accomplished so much this past year, and the future for us is exciting. The momentum that we’re seeing with Scarlet and Valiant Lady is incredible. The fantastic reviews and awards our ships and crew have won are very heartening, so we thank our guests for sailing with us. That is why we remain focused on delivering brilliant vacations, and this pause will ensure we will be ready to go on Resilient. The travel industry is recovering well, and this month, we’ve seen record bookings, a significant increase in on-board spend, and we’re currently seeking to close out our next round of funding, which sets us up for continued growth. There’s so much to be proud of, and I also send my thanks to our amazing crew for all they do everyday.”


The press release did not mention if the line’s fourth ship, Brilliant Lady, would also be delayed but given the current issues cruise lines are having with their supply chains, it’s highly likely to be pushed back at least a little. 

Those Booked on Resilient Lady 

For those who were booked, the cruise line is offering a number of options including: 

  • 200% Future Voyage Credit (FVC) or a full refund of the amount paid, plus 25% FVC  
  • If you choose the 200% FVC and rebook in 2022,  you will get the option of another free voyage (*excludes taxes and fees)
  • Assistance with travel changes and penalties
  • Commission protection for travel partners on funds paid