Variety Cruises’ CEO Discusses Small Ship Cruising

Filippos Venetopoulos is the CEO of Variety Cruises, a leading family-owned small-ship cruise line. His grandfather founded the brand over a half century ago, and he is the third generation to lead Variety Cruises. 

As a 37-year-old CEO, Filippos brings a progressive and passionate perspective to the brand. He is committed to sustainability and gender diversity at Variety Cruises. Filippos combines his fresh perspective to his grandfather’s original mission to “Go Deeper” by positively impacting the communities and natural environments at each destination. 

Small-Ship Cruising

Filippos emphasizes the intimate and thoughtful experience of small-ship cruising at Variety Cruises, but acknowledges the potential obstacles for some guests.

“Our itineraries are thoughtfully designed to visit off-the-beaten-track destinations and engage in authentic exploration while maintaining a focus on sustainability,” Filippos said. “However, small ship cruising comes with its own set of challenges.”

Filippos said that small cruises are much more weather dependent, meaning itineraries can sometimes change in the moment. He said that it requires guests to have a “go-with-the-wind attitude.” 

“From Greece to West Africa, the Seychelles, Tahiti and beyond, guests can discover authentic local and indigenous cultures, regional cuisine, ancient sites, remote villages and natural wonders only small ships can reach, offering something for first time cruisers and our loyal repeat clientele, as we continue to expand to new destinations all over the world,” said Filippos. 

Variety Cruises has diverse seven-day cruises for everyone from families to solo travelers. Each vessel hosts an average 32 passengers, with the largest vessel hosting 72 passengers. 

“They are personalized, intimate and flexible adventures at sea, as we like to call them, and everyone is welcome to join,” Filippos said. 

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By Lily Ogburn