Cruise Ship Crew

Travel Tips: For a Better Vacation, Befriend the Cruise Ship Crew

There are tons of tricks and tips for those going on a cruise for the first time to get the most out of their cruise vacation. For those who get seasick, choose a lower deck cabin. Fly into port a day early to avoid travel disasters. Take advantage of the private spa packages available and so on.

Here’s a travel tip you might not have thought of, the crew is the best resource you have at your disposal, particularly in a port of call.

Trust the Cruise Ship Crew

Crew member on deck | Photo by Billeasy on Unsplash

Cruise ship crews are an interesting group of people from places all over the world. They spend much of the year on board the ship going to the same ports and sailing the same itineraries. Nobody knows a ship better than the crew, from the best times to be certain places to the best things to order at the restaurants, making friends with the crew and getting their sage advice is the best advice we have for first time cruisers or veterans on board a new ship for the first time. 

One of the best ways to utilize the knowledge of a cruise ship crew member is when the ship pulls into port. Chances are, the people who work on the ship have been there once (or a hundred times) before. If you’re not sure what to do when you get off the ship in terms of food or fun, following the crew whichever direction they’re headed is a great start.

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Cruise ship food is usually very high end, but for the crew, eating it for six months straight can get old after a while. When crew members depart for their day off at port, they generally want to enjoy a delicious meal. Never be afraid to ask the crew members you spot where they’re headed or for advice on the port because there’s a good chance they can point you in the right direction. Just remember, it’s their day off too, so they may not want you to join them, but advice is always okay to ask for! 

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