The Joy of St. Croix

If you were asked to name the three U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas would immediately roll off the tip of your tongue, with St. John coming a split second later. For seasoned visitors to the Caribbean, St. Croix would likely follow. Content to let its smaller siblings soak up a good portion of the Caribbean limelight and travel headlines, St. Croix relishes its stature as the trio’s secret paradise for in-the-know travelers.

Being the largest of the three, the extra elbow room grants the benefits of minimal traffic, uncrowded beaches, and an enviable and contagious relaxed lifestyle. Although cruise ships may occasionally visit, rarely will you experience the blight of mass tourism that occasionally blemishes other heralded Caribbean islands.

Exploring St. Croix 

The island’s numerous beaches and glam resorts may grab attention for sand and sea lovers, but if you like to position yourself close to the action, the capital of Christiansted is home to a majority of the island’s commerce. The narrow passageways that dissect the town’s central business district are reminiscent of the colonial Danish facades that line the streets of St. Thomas. The palette of yellow, blue, and island pastels create a colorful mosaic of architectural design, framed by the turquoise waterfront of the Caribbean Sea with a boardwalk that is lined with bars and restaurants evoking a fun-loving ambiance. Stroll through the labyrinth of alleys for duty-free shopping treasures, making a visit worthwhile regardless of where you choose to stay.

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