The Best Place to Buy Art? On a Cruise Ship!

First time cruisers are often surprised to find that along with swimming pools, casinos, and 5-star restaurants, cruise ships are also a hotbed for art buyers and collectors. Thanks to companies like Park West Gallery, the world’s largest art dealer, cruise ship galleries are full of gorgeous works framed and ready for auction.

Park West Gallery oversees thousands of auctions each year on board major cruise lines like Carnival, Celebrity, Norwegian, MSC, Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises and the gallery is committed to enriching the cruise experience for guests and collectors alike. A new pre-register initiative recently announced by the gallery is aimed at growing interest and appreciation for art in the cruise industry.

Art Auction

A Park West Auctioneer | Photo: Park West Gallery

Art Auction on a Cruise Ship

Art can be intimidating, that’s why Park West Gallery goes out of their way to ensure authenticity, trust and only the highest standards set by the most respected museums and auction houses all over the world. The vast majority of the artwork sold on board cruise ships comes directly from the artist themselves so buyers can rest assured knowing their new artwork is as authentic as possible.

In many cases, art collections sold by the curators at Park West Gallery were compiled over a number of years before placing them in art auctions on board cruise ships. This archive and cataloguing process allows for more informed sellers and buyers as well as a better overall buying experience.

art auction

A cruise passenger views the artwork | Photo: Park West Gallery

Since Park West Gallery was founded in 1969, they’ve helped more than 2 million people discover the joy of artwork and plenty of those happy clients have been cruisers. An art auction on a cruise ship is a fun and interesting event that most cruisers don’t think to attend. Even if you’re not sure about making an art purchase, sitting and watching a fast-paced auction with a complimentary glass of champagne is something out of the ordinary for most people. Many sitting in on their first art auction are surprised at how exciting and entertaining it is when a special piece is shown and the bids start flying.

Art Auction

A Park West Auctioneer | Photo: Park West Gallery

Collections found on board cruise ships are constantly changing and include works across a number of styles and mediums. Park West Gallery curates art produced from oil paints, watercolors, acrylics, drawings, etchings, carvings, statues and so much more. Some ships may even have sports memorabilia and other interesting items for people to view and bid on.

Pre-Register and Save

Over the years, Park West Gallery has sold pieces of art from household names like Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt, Norman Rockwell, Salvador Dali and many more. You would normally have to visit the famous museums of Europe to view such impressive works, but now they’re right here on your next cruise vacation.

Art Auction

A Park West auctioneer and potential buyer | Photo: Park West Gallery

If you’re interested in one of the artists above or any of the art featured on a cruise, Park West Gallery recently launched a new initiative for those who love to make art a focal point of their cruise vacation. Passengers can now sign up for any art auction program held on the ship long before they cruise. Pre-register up to three years in advance of your cruise and never miss out on an opportunity to admire and bid on fabulous works of art by some of the world’s most famous artists.

Those who choose to pre-register will receive a free gift from Park West as well as a complimentary $50 bid credit to be used towards an art purchase. If you’re a dedicated art collector who frequently takes in auctions at sea, there’s no reason not to pre-register with Park West Gallery long before you cruise.

Art collecting is a popular hobby spreading far and wide thanks to dedicated and professional art galleries like Park West. Their passion for the craft is evident on board every ship and with every knowledgeable auctioneer. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a new buyer, Park West Gallery offers the guidance and insights you need to make an informed art purchase each and every time. Don’t forget to pre-register for your cruise art auction before you sail!