Best Hangover Cure

The Best Hangover Cure? A Cruise Ship!

Hello and welcome to 2019! That pounding headache and queasy feeling you’re experiencing, that’s called a New Year’s Day hangover and it’s no fun at all! Like many ringing in the New Year, your evening was probably filled with merriment, revelry and of course, a glass or two (or 10) of champagne, among other libations. For those laying in bed today, we’re sympathetic, but we also have some advice for curing what is hopefully your worst hangover of the year!

You may have never thought about it, but actually cruise ships are one of the best possible places to be hungover. With unlimited food and drinks, fresh sea air and plenty of fitness, spa and exercise options, there’s no better place to cure a hangover than on board a cruise ship!


We get it, the last thing you want to do with a hangover is eat, but refueling is an important part of feeling better. Cruise ships are great places to refuel as most have several dining options available to guests at any time. Fresh fruit, coffee, pastries or even a full hot breakfast can help your body get back on the track to feeling better. If you’re really feeling rough, you can even order room service and hide in your cabin until your ready to go again. There’s no excuse to not eat and drink your way to recovery on a cruise ship!


You’ve had a cup of coffee and a bite to eat and you’re still not feeling great, so now what? Good thing cruise ships have spa services and 24-hour fitness centers! Working up a sweat rids the body of the evening’s toxins and sends endorphins swimming around your brain for an all natural pick-me-up. Looking for a more interesting way to exercise? Get out on a shore excursion hiking, biking or paddling somewhere new and different!

Ditch the Kids

What’s worse than a hangover? How about kids who decide that 8am on January 1st is a great time to set the record for loudest playtime. If you’re cruising with kids, the last thing you want when you’re trying to relax is the little ones running around. Fortunately most cruise ships have daily programs for kids which last for at least part of the day, meaning you can find a quiet spot on deck somewhere to recover in peace. Naps are key to recovery!

Round Two

If you’ve eaten, exercised and caught a nap on deck and you’re still feeling not so hot, then there is one way to bounce back for sure. Some call it hair of the dog, but a Bloody Mary, mimosa or any drink can get you back to feeling 100%, or at least close. Just make sure you mix in a water or two so you aren’t waking up tomorrow in the exact same predicament!

Have you ever tried to cure a hangover at sea? What works the best for you? Let us know in the comments below!