The Benefits Of Repositioning Cruises

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to circumnavigate the globe on a luxurious cruise ship? Have you ever wished to have more full sea days during your cruise vacation? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a repositioning cruise might be for you. Repositioning cruises are designed to bring cruisers from one part of the globe to another, giving passengers a unique onboard experience for an incredible value. In this blog, I’ll explain repositioning cruises more in-depth as well as some of their benefits.

What Is A Repositioning Cruise?

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The cruise industry operates in multiple different markets around the world. From the Caribbean to Alaska to the Mediterranean to Southeast Asia, you can find cruises in all corners of the globe. However, each market has on and off seasons depending on the time of year. 

For example, Alaskan cruises are popular during June, July, and August to take advantage of the warmer weather during the summer season. When winter rolls around, and nobody in their right mind would cruise through the rough Alaskan seas, cruise lines sail to a different region of the world, typically crossing hemispheres in order to skip winter weather patterns. These cross-hemisphere voyages are called repositioning cruises. 

Repositioning cruises are typically one-way voyages, meaning you embark on one destination and disembark at another. They tend to span longer durations than other cruises, meaning passengers can expect to spend from a week to a month en route to their destination. This extended itinerary, coupled with many full sea days, makes for a unique onboard experience that will surprise even the most seasoned cruisers. 

While repositioning cruises offer everything that normal cruises do, they also come with a slew of benefits that could make you consider one for your next vacation. 

How Much Do Repositioning Cruises Cost?

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The most obvious benefit to repositioning cruises is their affordability. Since most repositioning cruises operate in spring and autumn, fare prices tend to be much lower than your typical cruise vacation. Cruise companies don’t want to lose money while sailing to faraway destinations, so they typically offer a plethora of discounts and special offers to fill up as many cabins as possible. 

While costs vary depending on the cruise company and the itinerary, you can expect to pay anywhere from $400-$800 per person for a two-week voyage on a repositioning cruise. This pricing comes out to at most $60/night per person. Flexible travelers can book a repositioning cruise for half the price and double the duration of normal cruise vacations, making repositioning cruises an incredible value. 

And it’s important to note that this reduced cost does not come with sacrificing luxuries and amenities. You can easily find repositioning cruises that offer all-inclusive drink packages, group tour excursions, complimentary spa treatments, and even suite upgrades at surprisingly reasonable prices. Whether you’re a budget traveler looking to get the best bang for your buck, or you simply want to take advantage of these incredible offers, booking a repositioning could be a great option for you.

Unique Destinations

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Another great benefit of repositioning cruises is the unique and exotic destinations they pass through that are typically skipped by ordinary itineraries. Journey to remote islands in the middle of the Pacific, travel through the Suez Canal in Egypt and visit the Great Pyramids, or sail down the Ivory Coast in Africa, all for half the price of a traditional sea voyage. 

Repositioning cruises tend to operate during the spring and autumn months, and their itineraries are heavily influenced by global weather patterns. For example, during the April-May season, repositioning cruises typically sail from ports in the southern hemisphere, such as Chile, South Africa, and Australia to North America and Europe ports. Then, once September and October arrive, repositioning cruises return to the southern hemisphere to take advantage of their oncoming summer weather. 

Not only do repositioning cruises give passengers the incredible opportunity to check new destinations off their bucket list, but they also help travelers circumnavigate the globe without worrying about hotel reservations, transportation booking, or finding affordable food in a foreign land. The cruise ship has got you covered, leaving you solely responsible for enjoying your vacation and making the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Luxury Onboard Experience

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Repositioning cruises also come with the benefit of a smaller passenger count. Due to their operation during the off-season, these cruises are nowhere near as crowded as other, more traditional cruises. Whereas your typical week-long Caribbean cruise may have up to 5,000 passengers, many repositioning cruises boast a mere 1,500-2,000. This allows guests to connect with crew members and fellow passengers more easily, and it also allows for a full enjoyment of the cruise without the crowds. 

But don’t think that fewer passengers means less onboard entertainment. Despite repositioning cruises operating in the off-season, these vacations come equipped with the full onboard cruise experience. This means you still get access to all of the live entertainment, all of the dining specials, and all of the luxury amenities that you’re accustomed to. And given the smaller passenger size, each guest has more opportunities to partake in any and all onboard activities they desire. 

The small passenger size aboard repositioning cruises also has its benefits during port excursions. Smaller group tours mean a more personalized experience, allowing guests to truly immerse themselves in the local communities’ scenery, culture, and traditions. Repositioning cruises offer the perfect opportunity to take full advantage of everything that cruises have to offer. 

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The benefits of repositioning cruises speak for themselves. Whether it’s their low costs, unique itineraries, or small passenger sizes that draw you in, it’s all but guaranteed that your experience aboard a repositioning cruise will be unforgettable. 

By Tyler Jeremiah