Take a Shipboard Art Tour on Oceania – Cruise News – Oct. 31, 2014

Take a Shipboard Art Tour on Oceania

Cruise News – Oct. 31, 2014


Oceania Cruises has one of the best art collections at sea, including works by such masters as Picasso and Miró and Cuban artists Wilfredo Lam and Cundo Bermúdez. To make sure passengers don’t miss a thing, the line has introduced an Oceania Cruises Art Collection Audio Tour showcasing the art on the line’s 1,250-passenger Riviera and Marina.

Oceania Cruises Art Collection Audio Tour (sample)
The collection was personally curated by the line’s founder, chairman, and CEO Frank J. Del Rio and co-founder and vice-chairman Bob Binder, and the duo personally narrate the complimentary tour.

Included are the descriptions of more than 25 signature pieces of art on each ship – including how the acquisition of the pieces came about. Expect some giggles and a lot of passion to be displayed.

A placard on each artwork has an audio device symbol. Just as you would in a museum, you can type in the corresponding number to hear the story behind the piece.

Guests requested such a tour, said Del Rio, adding, “We hope the tour will enhance the guest’s appreciation of the collection by sharing what inspired the artist, and what attracted us to the piece, but in a light-hearted way that will have anyone that knows us saying, ‘Here they go again.'”

There’s also a book, The Oceania Cruises Art Collection, available on Amazon.com.

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