Students to Receive Tourism and Hospitality Scholarships from TradeUP! at Palm Beach State College

Jeffrey Firestone, founder of the Firestone Group Inc and of Boca Raton, Florida, has launched TradeUP! – a scholarship program for students residing in the Caribbean that provides online access to higher education with Palm Beach State College.  

Mr. Firestone has been serving the Caribbean markets with products and services for over forty years. “I am more than grateful to this region. TradeUP! is my way of giving back through the power of higher education. I am honored to work with the Foundation for Palm Beach State College and the faculty of the hospitality program, who have developed a comprehensive curriculum for tourism, hospitality and event management programs. I am working closely with charitable organizations on several Caribbean islands as they choose and then mentor Palm Beach State students throughout their online education.” 

Mr. David Rutherford, CEO of the Foundation for Palm Beach State College, recognizes the extraordinary value in expanding access to education. “We have a diverse population of students, including those from the Caribbean. Providing them with access to education not only empowers them and their economic mobility but also elevates the impact of both the College and the communities that benefit.” 

Jeffrey Firestone agrees and is looking forward to how impactful the scholarship can be. “Twelve one-year and two-year scholarships are already funded for January 2025, with ten students from Antigua, Barbados, St. Lucia and St. Kitts and two others from Florida. Local businesses, civic organizations and mentors in the Caribbean are playing a crucial role in providing internships and potential employment opportunities for students post-graduation.”

Corporations who support TradeUP! now have much needed access to new and talented employees from a pool of graduates who complement their workforce. Firestone and the TradeUP! team are working with corporations to create incentive programs that offer employees opportunities to pursue an online education at Palm Beach State College, truly a meaningful way for these companies to give back to their employees and invest in their future. 

To ensure its ongoing success, TradeUP! seeks tax deductible donations from the cruise, hotel, food service and airline industries as well as corporate travel agencies and other tourism and hospitality related businesses that have profited from the region. Firestone hopes these companies are also willing to reciprocate, helping to grow this concept and impact communities through these scholarships. “We also encourage and invite the Caribbean diaspora to help students from their own countries through contributions and involvement to support their local students in achieving their academic and professional goals. After all, their success means success for their communities.” 

All gifts are to be sent directly to The Palm Beach State College Foundation, Inc. (EIN 59-1818556) to benefit the TradeUP! Fund. 

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