SoundSeeker Turns your Vacation Photos into Videos

Is there anything better than a great vacation? Royal Caribbean is one cruise line that knows how to keep guests happy while on board, but they also wanted to help make that “just cruised” feeling last well after your vacation is over. A new partnership with Berklee College of Music gave rise to a mobile app which turns your ordinary vacation photos into a video complete with a custom soundtrack. SoundSeeker is going to change the way people share their vacation experiences and relive their memories.

What is SoundSeeker?


SoundSeeker™ | (PRNewsfoto/Royal Caribbean International)

Using artificial intelligence, SoundSeeker compiles your vacation photos and generates a short video with cool graphics and custom music. The AI analyzes things like facial expressions, colors, lighting and more in the photos in order to incorporate appropriate music and transitions.

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Jim Berra, Chief Marketing Officer at Royal Caribbean International, expressed that the new app is in line with the cruise line’s commitment to the growing demand for technology and social connectivity on board.

“SoundSeeker is the latest proof point of Royal Caribbean innovation and how we focus it on delivering unexpected, memorable experiences; whether that is the SkyPad, which uniquely combines bungee jumping with virtual reality or live streaming your favorite shows from the middle of the ocean using VOOM, the fastest internet at sea,” he said. “People of all ages crave new ways to share their best experiences on social media. This unprecedented tool allows you to put a completely unique, multisensory spin on sharing those memories – now friends and followers can see and hear your life’s adventures.”

Drawing on Years of Music Theory


SoundSeeker | (PRNewsfoto/Royal Caribbean International)

The talented artists at Berklee used their knowledge of music theory to establish the app which helps determine the musical pairing to photos, accounting for pitch, tempo and instrumental combinations and more.

SoundSeeker runs on an artificial intelligence technique called “machine learning” that enables us to replicate human intelligence and make decisions on their own without any human interference. It took more than 600 hours for Royal Caribbean and a team of musicians and technologists to go over hundreds of music tracks along with thousands of photos, matching each of the 2.5 million combinations to one of 10 moods.