Travel Insurance

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Whenever you book a cruise, hotel or make any kind of vacation plans, it’s common to get asked whether or not you want to purchase travel insurance. A lot of people say no, thinking that’s it’s just another expense that you won’t actually need. However, there are some advantages to getting travel insurance prior to your trip which could end up saving you money and time in the future.

What is Travel Insurance?

Are you familiar with Murphy’s Law? It’s an old adage that basically states whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. For those booking a trip, especially one costing thousands of dollars, if something goes wrong, it could mean missing out on your vacation. Travel insurance is a way to protect yourself financially against whatever life has in store for you and your travels.

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Travel Insurance

Airlines offer Travel Insurance | Photo by James Zwadlo on Unsplash

Life has a funny way of keeping us expecting the unexpected and for whatever reason, you could have to cancel your whole vacation mere weeks or days before it’s scheduled to start. If you have non-refundable deposits and more on the line, a cancellation could be extremely costly. Travel insurance is a way to recoup your capital should things not go according to plan. It can cover everything from cancelled flights to lost baggage and even medical care should you become injured or sick during your trip.

Usually travel insurance is offered by a number of different providers like the airline or cruise line and usually costs around five percent of the total cost of your trip.

Who Needs Travel Insurance?

If you’re taking a flight this weekend to Cleveland to see Grandma, then travel insurance probably isn’t necessary. However, those on longer trips where the total cost of the vacation is thousands, if not tens of thousands, then travel insurance might be a great idea to ensure your vacation is enjoyed to the fullest. When abroad, having that small peace of mind can be a great way to let loose and finally enjoy some time away from the real world.

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