Special Needs Group

Special Needs Group: Making Vacation Possible

Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a great vacation no matter what. Accessibility has never been easier thanks to the Special Needs Group and their commitment to helping people with disabilities enjoy vacation and travel. Not everyone has the same ability to get around and it’s something we can take for granted. When mobility is an issue, the equipment offered by. Special Needs Group makes your vacation possible.

Joy on the Beach Wheelchair Kit

Joy on the Beach

Joy on the Beach Wheelchair | Photo: Special Needs Group

Is there anywhere better than the beach? The sun, the sand and the waves make for a wonderful and therapeutic experience for everyone. However, for those with disabilities or the elderly, moving around in the sand can be a challenge. The Joy on the Beach Wheelchair Kit is a specially designed chair with thick wheels which glide over the sand. It’s also waterproof so it helps people of all ability levels enjoy their beach day to the fullest.

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Oxygen Rentals

Many of us take the ability to breath for granted, but it can be a real problem that deters people from getting out and enjoying life. Special Needs Group is certified and licensed to carry all types of oxygen portable systems from traditional to liquid oxygen systems and even the newest Personal Oxygen Concentrators (POCs).

Mobility Scooter

Mobility Scooter | Photo: Special Needs Group

Mobility Scooter

Going on vacation often means a lot of walking. Whether it’s through the airport or on board a cruise ship, being on your feet a lot is tough for some people. Special Needs Group offers mobility scooter rentals which make it easy to get around without dealing with the pain and fatigue which comes from walking and standing all day long.


Hear from Special Needs Group Clients:

“I am so impressed with everything that Special Needs Group does to help me get the word out to my clients. They have a great team to help with orders and support, plus they offer great marketing tools like social media posts as well. The other day, I was at the grocery store with my Special Needs Group tote bag and a woman came up to me to find out what they were about. I ended up booking a family reunion cruise! She was so pleased that her father would still be able to cruise even though he has trouble walking now. Thanks Special Needs Group!”

-Laura A. – Avoya Travel

Dear Friends at Special Needs Group,

I want to thank you so very much for helping me make my cruise out of the Port of Miami simply wonderful. I was scheduled to sail on the Norwegian Getaway on Sunday, June 24th with my husband, our daughter, her husband and our three grandchildren. On June 5th I broke my left leg.  I surely didn’t want to miss this cruise, but doctor said that if I were to go that I needed to stay off my leg. I called NCL and they gave me your telephone number. The woman I talked to was very nice and asked some questions and determined the type of scooter that I needed. She said that it would be in my stateroom upon arrival, and it was. I was able to go to all activities that I wanted to go to- dining rooms, shopping, shows, etc. The scooter was very easy to learn to operate and navigate. When we arrived back at the port of Miami and were leaving the ship, a very nice Special Needs Group gentleman told me where to leave the scooter, so that I could be picked up by my car.

Thank you so much for making what could have been a very disappointing experience into a trip of a lifetime. God bless you all. 

With much gratitude and appreciation,

-Jane M.