Savor The Seas: Uncovering The Best Cruise Lines For Foodies

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that one of the undeniable highlights of any cruise vacation is the delectable cuisine offered onboard. Whether you consider yourself a true epicurean or a devoted foodie, the following cruise lines are guaranteed to wow your taste buds. Read on to discover the crème de la crème of restaurants at sea! 

Celebrity Cruises 

If you’ve ever sailed with Celebrity Cruises, you can undoubtedly attest to the amazing food onboard. This achievement results from hard work and dedication, overseen by Michelin Star Chef Cornelius Gallagher, who ensures that all food and beverages surpass expectations. All of the food onboard is incredibly fresh, as it’s locally sourced from varying locations based on itineraries. There are over 10 restaurants to choose from on most Celebrity Cruises’ vessels, offering guests a wide range of options. As an added treat, Aqua Class guests may dine at two of the specialty dining restaurants, Blu and Luminae. Lastly, Celebrity Cruises proudly partners with Bravo TV, providing cruisers access to Top Chef at Sea. This incredible experience features chef contestants showcasing their skills through demonstrations, competitions, and meet-and-greets. The highlight of the event is Top Chef Night, where the main dining room unveils the remarkable creations of the contestants. 

Viking Cruises  

Viking Cruises offers some of the best food selections at sea. All dining options, whether specialty or not, are complimentary, providing guests full access to a variety of options. The only exception is The Kitchen Table, which combines a shore excursion with a unique dining experience. During this experience, cruisers begin by attending a market where they select local ingredients alongside Viking Cruises’ master chefs. After shopping at the market, guests learn how to create regional dishes under the supervision of chefs, followed by a private dining experience. Reserving this exceptional experience as soon as possible is advisable due to limited availability. One of Viking Cruises’ standout features is the exceptional onboard service. The staff members are attentive and will remember your personal preferences, ensuring a seamless culinary experience. 

Overall, Viking Cruises offers a variety of options, from classic fare to menus that are inspired by local cuisine. As if this weren’t enough, Food & Wine awarded Viking Cruises their inaugural Global Tastemakers Award for the best cruise for food and wine in 2023. 

Regent Seven Seas 

The cuisine aboard a Regent Seven Seas cruise is a unique culinary experience unlike any other. This exceptional cruise line allows guests to attend classes at the Culinary Arts Kitchen. This expansive kitchen features 18 stations and a team of culinary masters eager to share their expertise! The complimentary restaurants onboard are truly among the finest at sea. Here’s a list of all of the included restaurants available onboard: 

  • La Veranda (casual dining for lunch, higher end Italian fare at night) 
  • Chartreuse (French restaurant)
  • Compass Rose (casual fare) 
  • Prime 7 (Steakhouse that features a 36-ounce porterhouse)

Seabourn Cruise Line 

Despite Seabourn Cruise Lines’ smaller vessels, their service and dining are fabulous. If you enjoy intimate dining experiences, then Seabourn Cruise Line might be the perfect choice for you. Additionally, there is a wide range of market tour excursions available to book for all of the foodies out there. Guests can also indulge in Shopping With the Chef, where they accompany the chef on a tour of local markets, observing their ingredient selection process. The onboard cuisine is consistently outstanding, as it is overseen by Michelin Chef Thomas Keller. 

Holland America Line 

Last but certainly not least, Holland America Line is a great option for foodies, offering many immersive culinary experiences. This cruise line boasts a distinctive partnership with MasterChef and MasterChef Junior, featuring captivating celebrity chef demonstrations. The range of dining options available on this cruise line is very impressive, encompassing everything from pizzas and hotdogs to filet mignon and perfectly seared scallops. 

Overall, if you’re a true food and beverage enthusiast, it is highly recommended to explore these cruise lines, as they provide some of the finest culinary experiences at sea. Whether you opt for Seabourn Cruise Lines or Celebrity Cruise Lines, you can’t go wrong with any of their exceptional dining options. Have you had the opportunity to experience any of the fine dining on these cruise lines? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! 

By Danielle Morris