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Madeira’s Cruise Recovery is in Full Swing

One of the best kept secrets in cruising is the Portuguese island of Madeira, a sub-tropical paradise visited by millions each year for its unique culture, outstanding flora and fauna and a bustling downtown port area with lots to explore. Now that we’re finally putting the pandemic behind us, Madeira has seen an uptick in ship visits and everyone at Port of Madeira is ready to welcome back cruisers to their friendly shores! Prior to the pandemic, the Madeira cruise industry saw well over a million visitors each year and recovery efforts have paid dividends thus far. From the bustling downtown Port of Funchal to the many wineries and restaurants sprawling across the island, Madeira is on the upswing and you’re invited!


Where is Madeira and Why is It So Popular? 

Part of an archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Portugal, Madeira has a history dating back hundreds of years and has long been a top vacation destination for Europeans thanks to gorgeous scenery and a vibrant culture. Often a stop on transatlantic crossings, Madeira’s main port town of Funchal features lush botanical gardens, history museums, wine cellars and plenty of places to enjoy a bite of local cuisine. 

A rich, fertile soil across the island makes it unique for wine and produce farms and visitors travel from all over the world to sample wines made from the island’s Negra Mole grape. Winemakers have grown grapes along the island’s sunny shores for centuries and it remains a popular draw for tourists to this day. Known for its welcoming nature safe for tourists, Madeira is an all-ages island with lots to explore.

Port of Funchal 

With two passengers terminals and easy access to the rest of the city, Port of Funchal is the gateway to Madeira. Those unfamiliar with the island need only to venture into the vibrant downtown to immerse themselves in the sights, sounds and flavors of Funchal.

The deep water of the port and sweeping views of Funchal Bay make it a preferred stop for cruise vessels operating from Europe or on a transatlantic itinerary. So far in 2022, Port of Funchal is seeing a cruise return that’s nearing the robust year that was 2019 and it won’t be long now before the island’s economic recovery from the pandemic is complete. In fact, over the past decade, the island has seen an increase in the number of cruises and passengers visiting, which bodes well for the future. 

Madeira Cruise Recovery

Tourism is returning all around the world and Madeira’s cruise port is no exception. The island has lifted all entry restrictions for international visitors, meaning there’s never been a better time to visit. Cruise ships full of happy guests are once again disembarking in the port city of Funchal and the city and surrounding area is poised to compete in what is sure to be a competitive cruise market going forward. With nearly unlimited shore excursion options, a beautiful landscape and truly unique culture, the future of cruising to Madeira looks bright!

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