Nile River Cruise

When Kings Were Gods; Cruising the Ancient Nile

Few rivers on Earth mean as much to a nation as the Nile does to the people of Egypt. Historically important, culturally essential, and necessary for survival, the Nile provides more than just water to one of the world’s oldest civilizations. It offers a glimpse into the tumultuous, yet resilient beginning of modern human existence. A Nile river cruise affords one of the most unique perspectives of this great waterway as you soak in its many mysteries.

Emerald Waterways has long been a top name for all-inclusive river cruising across Europe and Asia, but a new itinerary allows guests to experience Egypt and the mighty Nile in all its glory.

Emerald Waterways Nile River Cruise

MS Hamees | Photo: Emerald Waterways

A Nile River Cruise Adventure

As the world’s longest river, the Nile remains unmatched in its stature and prestige. From ancient times to modern day, the Nile represents life unfettered by the constraints of man. It’s yearly flooding, feral and boundless, flows sustenance to the fields for people today as it did their ancestors eons ago. 

The 10-day cruise with Emerald begins with three nights in the busy city of Cairo, where passengers explore the mighty the pyramids, view Tutankhamun’s tomb at the Egyptian Museum and enjoy a meal and cooking demonstration with a local Egyptian family.

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After a short flight to Luxor, Emerald’s passengers tour the West Bank of the Nile and the colorful, near-immaculate hieroglyphics decorating the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, the Monument of Queen Hatshepsut and statues of the Colossi. The size and scale of these ancient wonders leave visitors without words. They must be experienced in person to truly comprehend their magnitude.  

Nile River Cruise

Pyramids of Egypt | Photo: Emerald Waterways

Once aboard the 142-passenger MS Hamees, guests begin a five-day journey south through a timeworn cradle of life, a place steeped in history, captivating in its secrecy. Each day on board offers experiences as old as time itself. 

Those who cruise the Nile can’t help but feel like they’ve traveled back in time to a period when the Pharaohs were Gods amongst mortals and contemporary humanity was only just starting to crawl forth from its sandy banks. For cruise lovers and history buffs alike, a Nile river cruise is the vacation of a lifetime.

-Evan Gove