Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda: Made for the Mediterranean

Few places in the world embody beauty, style and hospitality quite like Italy. The island of Sardinia, the 2nd largest in the Mediterranean Sea, couples rich history with fabulous scenery and is home to the ultra-luxury Costa Smeralda region on the island’s northern coast.

For Costa Cruises, it only seemed natural to name their newest ship after one of the most sought after vacation destinations in all the Mediterranean. Currently in production at Meyer Turku shipyard in Finland, the 6,500+ passenger Costa Smeralda has finally started her life at sea and the buzz surrounding what is the largest ship in Costa’s fleet is only heating up.

What sets Costa Smeralda apart from the rest? A focus on sustainability, for one, as well as the beauty, style and service passengers have come to expect from their favorite Italian cruise line.

Costa Smeralda

A rendering of Costa Smeralda | Photo: Costa Cruises

Costa Smeralda: An Introduction

The unmistakable yellow funnel makes it easy to spot a Costa ship from a distance, but get up close with Costa Smeralda (“Emerald Coast” in Italian) and it’s clear she’s a ship where uniqueness is a source of pride. The first thing the team at Costa heralds when discussing Costa Smeralda is the ship’s power source: liquid natural gas. LNG ships are no doubt the future of cruising as it’s one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels available. Thanks to duel-fuel hybrid engines, Costa Smeralda can draw 100% of its onboard and navigational power from LNG. Reducing the fleet’s carbon footprint is an area of focus for Costa as they’re intent on keeping the world’s oceans and coastlines pristine and beautiful for future generations of cruisers.

Italian Design

While the inner-workings of the ship are state of the art, what about the famed Costa comfort and hospitality found on board their fleet? Costa Smeralda’s design team included such industry titans as Adam D. Tihany and Dordoni Architetti, a design firm based in Milan.

Costa Smeralda

Ocean View Cabin | Photo: Costa Cruises

Taste, comfort, style and warmth are just some of the superlatives used to describe the cabin designs on board Costa Smeralda and the images released thus far are simply stunning. Each deck of the ship is named after a famous city in Italy and the cabin designs on each deck reflect the individual style and theme of the region. Even the furniture, lights, fabrics and accessories hail from Italian providers for a truly authentic Italian experience.

Costa Smeralda

A suite onboard | Photo: Costa Cruises

A new kind of stateroom designed exclusively for Costa Smeralda is changing the way cruisers experience their private balconies. Gone are the days where you have to wake up early to stake your claim on available deck chairs, the Terrace over the Sea rooms on board Costa Smeralda feature a unique balcony annex perfect for an intimate breakfast or relaxing afternoon with an aperitif. It’s a private and exclusive way to watch the waves roll by without a care in the world. Inspired by classic Italian design, each stateroom echoes Italy’s prominence as a center for art and fine culture. From the color scheme to the patterns, each room is the epitome of classic Italian luxury and style.

Balcony Stateroom | Photo: Costa Cruises

Dining and Entertainment

Long ago, Gladiators entertained visitors at Rome’s famous Colosseum. On board Costa Smeralda, the Colosseo is the heart and soul of the ship where all the fun happens. Spanning three levels in the center of the ship, the Colosseo features lounges and bars with large, glass walls for a fantastic view. The Colosseo is also equipped with screens on the walls and domed ceiling which offer insights into each port of call. The Costa Design Museum on board, known as “CoDe,” is a museum of Italian design over the years and highlights the influence some of the designers had on building the ship. 

Costa Smeralda

Colosseo | Photo: Costa Cruises

When most think of an Italian vacation, eating well is a staple of the trip. Costa Smeralda’s eleven restaurants offer a taste of cuisine from around the world including traditional Italian and choices like Teppanyaki, a Japanese-inspired hibachi restaurant. For more intrepid guests, an evening at Laboratori Del Gusto means you learn the same skills and techniques utilized by Costa’s master chefs to craft some of the meals found onboard. Breads and mozzarella are made right on board for the freshest dining experience at sea. Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth after dinner? The Nutella Cafe has what you’re craving.

The Spa Experience

Relaxation is an important part of your cruise vacation and Costa Smeralda is well-equipped to offer it in droves. The spa on board is the ultimate luxury oasis complete with a beauty salon, hammam (Turkish bath), thalassotherapy, snow and salt rooms and more. The four pools on board cater to both adults and children and a gym and multi-sport pitch help guests break a sweat before enjoying more delicious Italian cuisine.

Costa Spas are your special getaway | Photo: Costa Cruises

Cruise the Mediterranean

Once launched, Costa Smeralda will cruise the Western Mediterranean with stops at such iconic ports as Barcelona, Marseille, Savona, La Spezia and more. Explore countries rich with culture and heritage and discover why the Mediterranean needs to be on your cruising bucket list.

Penélope Cruz Approved

How excited is Costa about their newest ship? They launched a brand new ad campaign featuring Penélope Cruz which highlights the spirit and beauty of a Mediterranean cruise onboard Costa Cruises.


What are you waiting for? Costa Smeralda is almost here!