Cruise Deal of the Week

Choose Your Cruise – August 21, 2020

If you live in a northern state, you may have notices the nights and mornings are getting a little crisp lately. A quick glance at the calendar will show why, September is fast approaching. It’s one thing to be stuck at home when the weather is nice, but soon those in northern states will be cranking up the heat and pulling out their sweaters from the back of the closet. 

The good news? The colder the weather gets, the closer we are to getting back on board our favorite cruise ships. If you’re still a little hesitant to hop on a ship in the near future (totally understandable), why not book for 2022? It may seem like a long ways off, but most cruise lines are booking for 2022 and you can snag some pretty sweet deals and perks if you get your booking in soon. Once cruising is back in action, prices are going to go through the roof so get your vacation on the books asap.

Here are three cruises you can book for 2022 and you get to pick your favorite! 

Cruise A 

Remember the scene from the movie Titanic where Rose has been waiting for 84 years? That’s how we’re feeling with Virgin Voyages. We’ve been hearing about this cruise line for years now and we’ve yet to set foot on board Scarlet Lady through no fault of their own. We were just days away from their first cruise from Miami when the shutdown started and the new sail date is in October. The line’s second ship, Valiant Lady, is scheduled to sail the Mediterranean starting in May 2021, but you can book for 2022 right now! Sail the Caribbean from Miami with a stop at Virgin Voyages private island resort in the Bahamas. It’s adults-only and we can’t wait! 

Cruise B

One of the worst parts of the industry shutdown was the cancellation of Alaska season. The Great White North has quickly become one of the hottest places to cruise and if you’re willing to wait until 2022, there are some great deals running right now at Norwegian Cruise Line. Sail from Seattle, Washington to Ketchikan and Victoria, British Columbia over five days on board the wonderful Norwegian Sun. Grab your binoculars and watch for some whales, Alaska is waiting! 

Cruise C

We heard a little bit about MSC’s upcoming ship MSC Virtuosa, but now we know where she’s going to be sailing in 2022! The ship will offer seven-night cruises from Dubai in January 2022 with stops in Abu Dhabi and Qatar. The ship is Meraviglia class and will be outfitted with the latest technology and safety features when she sails out for the first time in 2021. MSC Cruises is one of the fastest growing cruise lines thanks to multiple ships coming out in some years. 2021 is no exception! Will you be on board?