Art Auctions Are Back Onboard Your Favorite Cruise Lines

Cruising is finally getting back to normal and nobody is more excited about it than the team at Park West Gallery. Cruisers are back to enjoying the lido deck sunshine and 5-star cuisine in the dining rooms and Park West’s professional gallery curators are back to offering live art auctions on board the world’s most popular cruise lines. 

Park West Gallery is the largest art dealer in the world and they’ve been a staple on board cruise ships for years. If you’ve sailed with mega cruise lines like Carnival, Celebrity, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean or Princess Cruises, you’ve probably seen the gallery while exploring the ship or maybe even had the chance to see a live auction held on board.

Cruise Ship Art Gallery
Photo: Park West Gallery

Park West Gallery curates works spanning a wide variety of artists and mediums so those with a casual interest and serious collectors alike can enjoy the experience. The gallery follows an extensive archiving and cataloging process for each work of art they sell to ensure buyers are confident in their authenticity. The gallery’s focus isn’t just to host art auctions on cruise ships, but also educate and help guests gain an appreciation for the arts. For those just beginning to dabble in art ownership, Park West Gallery is thrilled to assist and educate.

As a special offer for cruisers, Park West Gallery is letting guests pre-register for the art auctions on board their next cruise for a special free gift and a $100 art credit they can use during the event. Pre-registering is quick, easy and beneficial for those keen on adding to their personal art collection or just those interested in the art community. There’s no downside to pre-registering and you can even do it years before your cruise vacation is scheduled to embark!

Cruise Ship Art Auction
Photo: Park West Gallery

When Are Art Auctions on a Cruise? 

The first thing you should do when you board a cruise ship (other than find yourself a cocktail) is find the art gallery and speak with a curator about when and where the on board auction will take place. Usually the gallery is located indoors along a main promenade area, generally on one of the more active decks of the ship. There you can view some of the art beforehand and speak with a gallery representative who can add context and details about each work. 

The helpful and knowledgeable gallery attendants will answer any questions you may have about an artist or individual work. For those just beginning an art collection, this is a great way to familiarize yourself with each work and find one that catches your eye. Maybe you’re interested in the colorful pop art of Mark Kostabi or perhaps the abstract simplicity of a Picasso etching is more your style. You won’t know until you check out the gallery! 

The auction is also a great way to meet new people! Cruisers are a social bunch who love to mingle with fellow guests. The art auctions curated by Park West Gallery on board a cruise ship are a great place to socialize with other cruisers about art or the next port of call.

Photo: Park West Gallery

What Happens at an Art Auction?

Even if you’re not interested in bidding, attending the auction is no obligation and can actually be an entertaining way to spend an hour on board. Where else will you get the chance to see works by famous artists like Rembrandt, Salvador Dali, Picasso, Peter Max and more while enjoying a complimentary glass of champagne? When the lido deck gets too crowded or you’ve had enough sun for the day, popping into the art auction makes for a great change of pace and a unique activity to enjoy during your cruise vacation. 

If you’ve never attended a cruise ship art auction before, you might not realize how much fun they are to watch. The speedy auctioneers are actually pretty impressive as they scan the room taking bids and keeping the crowd engaged. It may sound like just noises at first, but an auction chant, or bid calling as it is often called, is actually the auctioneer repeating the current bid and raising the price for the next bidder. If no other bidder emerges, then the person with the highest bid is awarded their new work of art. Then it’s on to the next one on the docket! 

Photo: Park West Gallery

Even those with a casual interest in art find the auctions interesting as they’re so out of the ordinary. Most don’t attend art auctions regularly in everyday life, so getting to experience one while at sea is an opportunity too good to pass up. If you’re curious about art or just looking for a fun and entertaining activity while sipping champagne, the art auction on your next cruise vacation is the place to be. 

Collecting art is something many believe out of reach, when really a stunning art collection is well within everyone’s grasp. All it takes is one work of art and you’re well on your way to becoming a collector with a gallery to envy. If you’re a frequent cruiser or just booked your first cruise vacation recently, don’t forget to pre-register with Park West Gallery and take advantage of your free gift and $100 bid credit that you can use on the art auctions on your next cruise.

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This post was sponsored by Park West Gallery.