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Ageless Dreamers Enjoying Fun, Relaxation at Sea

Are you an ageless dreamer?

A new program launched by Dream Cruises takes aim at helping aging travelers get the most out of their vacation experiences. It’s not easy getting older, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo your sense of fun and adventure.

Ageless Dreamers Aboard Dream Cruises

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The “Ageless Dreamers” program from Dream Cruises is the first of its kind to encourage older cruisers to experience the joys of learning new things and creating new memories.

Expanding Horizons

Dream Cruises

Tai Chi Instruction

A main focus of the program is placed on expanding physical abilities and wellness through activities such as Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese martial art used for defense as well as promoting healthy bodies and minds. Instructors hail from the Wang Xian Institute of Researching The Arts of Tai Chi, a teaching program founded by Grandmaster Wang Zi-Ping.

The benefits of Tai Chi for seniors cannot be understated. From stress relief to increased range of motion and even natural pain relief from conditions like arthritis due to its slow-motion, low-impact pressure on the joints,Tai Chi’s benefits are well documented.

While staying active is certainly a major part of being an Ageless Dreamer, there’s plenty of relaxation and pampering along the way. From enjoying the company of new friends while enjoying fabulous meals to a stress-free afternoon at the ship spa, there’s no shortage of ways passengers enjoy a cruise with Dream.

Dream Cruise ships also feature activity centers, boardwalks with stunning views, and even retail shops. 

— Evan Gove

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