10 Reasons to Cruise the Danube

River Rendezvous

10 Reasons to Cruise the Danube

By Bill Panoff

I’ve been cruising for 35 years. I’ve sailed on hundreds of today’s big, bigger, and biggest megaships plying the world’s oceans. But, believe it or not, I had yet to sail on a river ship. So when the opportunity arose to sail aboard AmaWaterways’ AmaCerto, I jumped at the chance.

Along an itinerary such as Melodies of the Danube, you’ll find that the views are constantly changing. From the landscapes of Austria and Germany to the amazing architecture of Budapest and Vienna, relaxing on deck and watching the scenery go by is what river cruising is all about.

Tours are another key part of the river cruise experience. From educational excursions to culinary tours to castles and cathedrals, European cities abound with history, architecture, and cultural experiences. And whether you’re walking or biking, each excursion is your chance to not only learn something, but to stay active in the process.

Another great thing about river ships is their ability to dock in the heart of some of the towns they visit, which allows guests to simply walk off the ship and into the main pedestrian areas. In others, short rides to nearby attractions lead to some of the best experiences in Europe. Along the Danube, here were my highlights.

Heroes’ Square, Budapest

Located at the end of Andrássy Avenue, Heroes’ Square is one of the most-visited and most-impressive squares in the Hungarian capital of Budapest. Situated at the entrance to the City Park, the square features the Palace of Art on one side, the Museum of Fine Arts on the other, and the iconic Millennium Monument in the middle, which is topped with a statue of Archangel Gabriel, as well as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier….

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