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Where Do The Swimming Pigs Go During a Hurricane?

As Hurricane Dorian made its way through the Bahamas, people all over the world watched anxiously hoping and praying for the safety of the Bahamian people. One of the biggest questions cruisers had involved not the people, but the wildlife, specifically the Bahamas’ famous swimming pigs. Do they get evacuated for the storm? Can they survive on their own? 

Never fear, cruisers. Pig Beach, the most famous spot for the swimming swine, was well out of the way of Hurricane Dorian and reports are that the pigs are fine! 

Where are the Swimming Pigs?

While there are several islands in the Bahamas with a wild pig population, Exuma is the most well known. The island is located in the southern Bahamas, outside of the reach of Hurricane Dorian. There’s a place called Pig Beach where you can find them frolicking in the water and chasing tourists for a snack. 

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Exuma Watersports, a private tour and charter company on the island, is the unofficial keeper of the pigs and updated their Facebook page to report everything was okay following the storm. With hundreds of reactions, likes and shares on the post, it’s clear the pigs are on everyone’s mind! 


Exuma Watersports takes guests to Pig Beach all year round to see, swim and feed the feral pigs. There are plenty of legends as to how the pigs got on the island, but the fact remains that they’re more than capable of surviving a storm if it were to hit the island in a more direct way.

Like any animal, pigs have natural instincts which help keep them safe when danger is present. During past hurricanes, some kind souls have helped bring piglets to safety as they are less equipped to handle the high winds and heavy rains, but Mom and Dad pig are just fine riding out the storm! 

Have you gone swimming with the pigs in the Bahamas? Let us know your experience in the comments below!