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The Best Shore Excursions For Your Next Caribbean Cruise

Caribbean cruise is the perfect destination to try new excursions and get a taste of how islanders live. Cruise lines offer excursions that you may not be able to try when traveling along to the Caribbean any other way. Depending on your level of courage and your love for adventure you may try all of the best shore excursion options.

There’s a little something for everyone to do when traveling on a Caribbean cruise. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular excursions.

1. Swim With Dolphins

Caribbean Cruise

Photo by May Manzur on Unsplash

Swimming with dolphins is for those who love animals and don’t mind putting a little trust in a friendly sea critter. Don’t worry there will be excursion employees on duty to help you get on and off the dolphin.

Some people like to spend a little time with this amazing sea creature before swimming with them. You have the opportunity to pet and hug them if you desire. Depending on the cruise line you choose, you will get a mask while swimming to see how they look under water.  Just hold on to the top fin and make sure you don’t let go to go for a breezy ride through the Caribbean.

2. Snorkel the Local Reef

The Caribbean is a great place for snorkeling and depending on your location you can go below the water and check out amazing reefs. Coral reefs are an amazing sight. Check out life underwater and see how the ocean creatures live.

Snorkeling is for those who are super adventurous and great at swimming. Make sure to gain some information on how to properly breathe while snorkeling if this is your first time. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be a pro.

3. Sight-Seeing Tours

Depending on your location for the cruise this can be really exciting. Some may think sightseeing should be reserved for elders and those who are afraid to do an adventurous excursion. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Consider looking at the ancient Mayan ruins, walking through scenic views and meeting the local people. Tours are a great way of learning about a different culture and it’s nice to get off the ship and see something new!

4. Jet Boat Ride

The perfect excursion for those who want to have loads of fun. Jet Boat Riding can be done alone or with a friend. If you’re traveling alone a cruise or excursion guide will generally be happy to accompany you in having a good time. This excursion may last an hour or two and is widely available in different destinations.

5. Beach It

Who doesn’t love a relaxing day on the beautiful beach with food, drinks and beach fun. Sometimes volleyball courts and other activities will be set up for those who take this route. Check with your cruise line to see if food is included or if you can relax in a beach bungalow.

Bungalow’s give off a luxury islander vibe for those who want to take pictures and not worry about other cruisers bothering them.