Red Sox Cruise Above the Clouds with Crystal Skye

Crystal Cruises is known for its luxurious cruise ships and fabulous itineraries, but what most don’t realize is their travel services don’t end there. In fact, Crystal owns and operates their own Boeing 777 and it very well be the most luxurious plane in the world. The Boston Red Sox found that out firsthand this week when they chartered the luxury airliner to hop over the pond for series against the New York Yankees in London this weekend. The plane is available for anyone to rent, but only if you can afford to shell out the $50,000 per hour fee.

Crystal Skye

One of Crystal Skye’s turbines | Photo: Crystal Cruises

About the Crystal 777

While the average Boeing 777 is equipped to hold 300 passengers, Crystal Skye is outfitted for only 88, but in extreme comfort and style. Every seat is business class accommodations with a full bar and dining room catered by professionals. The plane even comes with a chef and a mixologist.

Crystal Skye

Business class seats only | Photo: Crystal Cruises

Every sea reclines fully, which on an overnight flight is worth its weight in gold. With a staff of 22 on board, Crystal’s famous luxury service is on full display.

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Imagine chartering a luxury 777 on your way to catch a Crystal Cruise ship in some exotic locale. Sounds pretty good, right?

Crystal Skye

Grab a bite at 30,000 feet in the lounge | Photo: Crystal Cruises

How do you make air travel easier?

We talk a lot about ways to make your travels easier and what better way to do that than with a private jet? Even if you can’t afford Crystal Skye on your own, call up a few of your friends to pool your money and plan the trip of a lifetime! Let us know where you’d go in the comments below!