Princess Cruises shares the news of the brand’s latest offering at sea to guests with an interest in fitness! Starting in mid-February, the cruise line will expand onboard fitness classes and workouts curated by renowned boutique fitness brands, including Pure Barre, YogaSix, and StretchLab. 

“To many people, continuing their daily exercise routine on vacation gives license to extra special vacation indulgence, and Princess presents world-class options on both the fitness and indulgence fronts,” said John Padgett, president of Princess Cruises. “So whether it’s keeping up with New Year resolutions, offsetting the incredible food and drink on board, or connecting with other fitness fans, we’re excited to offer the most premium and inclusive boutique fitness experiences in the industry.”

Starting February 20, 2023, guests who have purchased the company’s all-inclusive packages like Princess Premier and Princess Plus will have access to complimentary onboard workouts. These newly curated workouts were created by some of the top studios from the largest global franchisor of boutique fitness, Xponential Fitness. These studios include Pure Barre, YogaSix, and StretchLab. Club Pilates, CycleBar, and STRIDE Fitness will join the cruise line shortly afterward. Guests with The Princess Premier packages will have access to unlimited fitness classes. Guests booked with The Princess Plus package will have access to two complimentary fitness classes per voyage. 

  • StretchLab: an experience based on body wellness that incorporates guided stretching sessions and personalized flexibility assistance. 
  • Pure Barre: a mix of low-impact, moderate and high-intensity movements that create a full-body workout meant to enhance strength and flexibility throughout the body. 
  • YogaSix: an exclusive yoga experience for everyone, with an array of classes focusing on strength, balance, flexibility, and agility.  

Right before the summer season, Princess Cruises will add more fitness experiences including classes from: 

  • CycleBar: A riveting and eye-opening low-impact, high-intensity indoor cycling class meant for people of all ages and body types 
  • STRIDE Fitness: A treadmill-focused interval training class that features total-body cardio movements and enhances strength 
  • Club Pilates: A low-impact Reformer Pilates workout that targets the full body. There will be an array of classes meant to improve mobility, stability, and strength for a healthier mind and body.  

Princess Add-on Package Options 

For an additional $60 per person per day, The Princess Plus all-inclusive package includes:

  • The Plus Beverage Package 
  • Single-device Wi-Fi
  • Daily crew appreciation 
  • Two premium desserts 
  • Two smoothies or juices 

For an additional $80 per person per day, The Princess Premier package includes:

  • The Premier Beverage Package
  • A four-device Wi-Fi plan
  • Daily crew appreciation
  • Two nights of exclusive dining experiences 
  • A photo package 
  • Princess Prizes 
  • Unlimited desserts 
  • Unlimited smoothies or juices
  • Reserved seating in the Princess Theater 

Xponential Fitness will also allow guests to book classes on an a la carte system throughout Princess Cruises’ entire fleet.