Millennial Luxury Cruising

Millennial Luxury Cruising

Millennial Luxury Cruising

Millennials are discovering the most extravagant ways to experience the world

By Max Bornstein

Do you desire to awake on cloud nine, throw off the covers from the $150,000 Savoir bed that graced your slumber, and warm up in the Jacuzzi on your balcony as you enjoy the sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea? If so, reserve your suites now because with the disappearing generation gap in luxury cruising, the sensational sailing you’ve dreamed of might be overbooked by millennials.

Raised in the age of globalization and connectivity, millennials have an innate yearning to explore planet Earth and its distinct cultures, resulting in an ever-increasing number of millennial travelers turning toward luxury cruising. Even mass-market cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean International and Norwegian Cruise Line have added more luxury options in attempts to entice millennials.

The millennial generation boasts 86 million consumers, and, according to the Shullman Research Center, contains 5 million millennial millionaires. Not only do they compose the future of the travel industry, but they also enthusiastically spend on lavish vacations. This millennial wanderlust energized the luxury cruise industry, resulting in even more adventurous excursions and deluxe amenities.

If you’re a millennial seeking an unforgettable, premium vacation, sailing on select lines will allow you to experience the essence of luxury cruising. Here’s why:

Life-Changing Journeys

Cruising the world and interacting with new societies changes your perspective on life, inspiring the expansion of your consciousness. Luxury cruising immerses you in each destination with brilliant adventures centered around cuisine, culture, entertainment, history, nature, sightseeing, voluntourism, and wildlife. Onboard lectures prior to port arrival complement the engaging shore excursions to follow.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ experienced lecturers, for example, explain relevant cultural and historical facts to be aware of when ashore in order to avoid uncomfortable situations. (Did you know that the Japanese consider it rude to blow your nose in public?) Seabourn’s Conversations program invites explorers, scholars, and experts from every field of the arts and sciences to interact and share their experiences with passengers. And Silversea Cruises sails from the most isolated jungle regions of Borneo to the awe-inspiring Chilean fjords, introducing you to diverse cultures along the way such as the Aboriginal Australians.

These enriching programs and experiences prepare you for socializing with people from unfamiliar cultures, sampling foreign cuisine, and seeing new lands — all of which might deepen your understanding of your own culture, happiness, and the rules binding society. In fact, a two-week globetrotting cruise might very well expose you to more people, culture, and life experiences than five years at home.


“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”

— Mary Ritter Beard

Extraordinary Itineraries for Millennial Luxury Cruising

The smaller ships operated by luxury cruise lines empower you to find the itinerary of a lifetime exploring exotic destinations, many of which are inaccessible to larger ships. Luxury ships voyage throughout every continent, sailing their way to the most remote regions of the world, from breathtaking Antarctica to the surreal Galápagos Islands.

If time is on your side, you’ll find lengthy exotic itineraries with extended stays in port, and even World Cruises lasting 100 nights or longer. For example, Regent sails to more than 450 destinations, and….

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