Matt Mitcham Signs on as RingMaster for Live Online Circus

When former Carnival cruise director Matt Mitcham stepped down from his position at the end of August, it took many by surprise. We asked readers what they thought Matt’s opportunities might be and the general consensus was that he’d be moving to a different position within Carnival Corporation. Breaking news, we were wrong. 

This morning, we found out Matt’s new opportunity was with a new live online entertainment service called Majestic Circus and he would be serving as one of the show’s RingMasters. Fans have guessed something was coming thanks to teaser posts across Matt’s social media channels over the past day.

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Posted by Matt Mitcham – Cruise Director on Wednesday, September 16, 2020

What is Majestic Circus? 

Billed as the “only LIVE online entertainment experience of its kind”, Majestic Circus is the brainchild of cruise industry veterans Kevin Noonan and Victoria Rossi. The goal was to be entertaining and fun at a time when in-person events aren’t an option. Noonan spent 19 years with Carnival, moving from cruise director to the company’s manager of entertainment operations. Rossi has worked for both Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International, specializing in entertainment and guest experience. 

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“What started with just a few conversations and a dream, we are so excited to see Majestic Circus come to life as we know each and every experience will be unique and personalized,” said Rossi. “While it was born during the era of social distancing, it is a concept we believe will stick around to continue connecting and cracking people up for years to come.”

The entertainment experience lasts 60 minutes for up to 16 people and is hosted by a RingMaster. Guests can choose from two games ‘KNOW IT!’ and ‘GET IT!’KNOW IT! is not your average pub trivia, it is an experience all about knowledge, quick wits and the occasional song lyric. GET IT! mixes the best of trivia night with a scavenger hunt complete with a few surprises, all executed under the ticking of a stop watch.

If you want to check it out yourself, Majestic Circus is hosting a short preview with RingMasters Matt Mitcham and Eversen “Dr. E” Bevelle tonight on Matt’s Facebook page tonight at 6 p.m.