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Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel Cruise Fashion

The world of high fashion woke up to terrible news this morning, as famed designer Karl Lagerfeld died in France at the age of 85. Lagerfeld was a titan in the industry and his inspiration turned Chanel into a bastion of 20th century fashion. Known for his often over the top fashion shows, Lagerfeld’s passion for cruise wear helped him to create iconic clothing lines which marry traditions of the past with the styles of the future.

Cruise Wear From Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld | Photo: @KarlLagerfeld

The most recent 2018/2019 cruise wear line designed by Karl Lagerfeld and created by Chanel was released in May of 2018 to much anticipation. The show was a memorable one, as the creative team made a 330-foot long replica cruise ship dubbed “La Pausa” after Coco Chanel’s French villa.

Billowing fabrics, sailor stripes and smart-looking berets characterized the fashions, but the crowd really enjoyed when Lagerfeld himself emerged from the ship to wave to the crowd and give his signature bow. For those who love handbags, the cruise line featured bags, clutches and more, some adorned with fisherman rope and shaped like life jackets.



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History of Cruise Fashion

It’s been around 100 years since cruising became a popular vacation and the fashions have changed quite a bit, as you can imagine. Steamer trunks full of formal wear may have been perfect for a transatlantic crossing in the 1950’s, but these days cruising has gone casual, with many of the so called “luxury lines” ditching the bow ties and cumber buns in favor of what they call casual elegance.

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The world of fashion is certainly going to miss Karl Lagerfeld and his lofty achievements. His work ethic and drive to outshine his contemporaries time and time again is what set him apart as a top name in fashion.

As he told the Telegraph in 2016:

“My professional life is about forgetting. I make big efforts to forget. Not because I wasn’t happy but because I have to find something else. I cannot stop at what I did.” – Karl Lagerfeld

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