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Get Creative Recreating Your Cruise Vacation

This weekend, a video of a retired Australian couple made the rounds on social media and cruisers from all over could relate! Norma and Dave from Australia were a couple of happy cruisers until their upcoming sailing was cancelled due to the global health situation. While they were obviously disappointed, they decided to look on the bright side and recreate their scheduled 10-day cruise through the Pacific islands right in their living room! Their daughter Jane decided to post the video on her Twitter page and it took off from there!

Cruising Without the Ship


In the video, you can see the pair wearing bathrobes with their feet up sipping wine in front of their television. The picture is a stream of the open ocean, exactly what they’d be looking at from the balcony of their stateroom or from a lounge chair on the lido deck. 

Let’s See Yours! 

If you’re stuck inside practicing social distancing to help prevent further transmission of Coronavirus, then we want to hear about it! Follow @PortholeCruise on Facebook or Twitter and send us your pictures, video or stories about how you’re recreating your cruise! Maybe it’s making your favorite cruise ship drink or having a dip in your bathtub just like the hot tub on board! Get creative and we’ll be sure to share all across our social media!

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