Florida Paddleboard Rentals Have Never Been Easier

Now is the time of year everyone wants to be in Florida. The Sunshine State really starts to heat up in the wintertime when snowbirds and tourists alike flock to the beaches from Key West to Jacksonville and everywhere in between. 

Cruise ships are obviously a big draw for Florida this time of year as Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Cape Canaveral boast the three largest cruise ship terminals by passenger count in the world. Cruisers who fly into South Florida often do so with a pre and post-cruise stay in mind and there’s plenty of fun in the sun to be had for those who do. 

One of the best ways to get out and enjoy the Florida sunshine is paddleboarding! Thanks to miles of calm, intracoastal waterways and of course, world famous beaches, there’s no better place for newcomers and pros alike to get out on the water for a paddle. PADL is a new service helping cruisers discover the fun of paddleboarding through simple and affordable rentals at locations all over the state. If you’re thinking about renting a paddleboard in Florida, PADL has you covered! 


Photo: PADL

How Does PADL Work?

When it comes to the best all-ages activities in Florida, there aren’t many that come close to the fun of paddleboarding. The problem is, most people don’t own a paddleboard, and if they do, they’re certainly not bringing it with them on their cruise vacation. That’s where PADL comes in. Rather than spend a ton of money on a board or shipping costs, simply rent one for an hour or the day with just a few steps on PADL’s easy-to-use mobile app. 


Photo: PADL

PADL is the easiest way to get out on the water the next time you’re in Florida. All you need is a phone! Simply download the PADL app by searching your app store or using the QR code found on the self-service paddleboard rack and follow the instructions to get your board off the rack and into the water. 

The board rack connects to phones via Bluetooth and users simply choose which number board they want to unlock. Each paddleboard unlock includes a life jacket, a leash and a paddle – everything you need to enjoy the time on the water. 

PADL gives you the option how you want to pay. They offer by-the-hour rental options as well as monthly and bi-annual memberships which offer access to boards every day. Monthly membership starts at $24.99 a month and includes multiple board rentals for 2 hours each day and discounted overtime hours. The bi-annual membership offers the same perks but at a reduced six month-rate of $99.99.  A membership with PADL can be used at any of their 20 locations across Florida from Miami to Jacksonville and everywhere in between. 

When you’re done your ride, place the paddle and board back into place on the rack and complete your ride via the app. You can then review your ride including the route and stats like time and distance. 

Tours and Lessons

If you’ve never ridden a paddleboard before, no worries! PADL is here to help beginners with free tours and lessons from certified PADL guides. The PADL website has a full list of tour and lesson times and locations each month so it’s easier to plan your pre or post-cruise stay in Florida. The boards provided by PADL are great for beginners as they are large and stable, perfect for all-around paddleboarding. 

The guides can help you with the basics or advanced paddleboarding, whatever your skill level! If you’re just learning to stand up on the board or are looking for a paddleboard adventure through South Florida’s famous mangroves, PADL makes it happen! 

Health Benefits of Paddleboarding

The best part about paddleboarding is you can tailor your ride to your desired level of activity. A paddleboard ride can be a leisurely experience or it can be a full body workout that burns calories and improves core strength and balance. Everytime you dip the paddle in the water, it engages your core muscles, your arms and legs for a true full body workout nowhere near a gym. It’s also a low-impact workout so your joints will thank you afterwards. 

Paddleboarding can also be a great way to boost mental health as paddling through South Florida’s calm, warm waters is extremely therapeutic. It’s impossible to have a bad day on the water when the sun is shining and all the stress of daily life simply melts away! 


Photo: PADL

Tips for a Better Paddleboard Ride

Paddleboarding isn’t difficult, but there are a few tips and tricks to help make your ride a lot more fun. The first and most important thing is to wear your life jacket! No matter how good a swimmer you may be, you’re always safer when paddleboarding with a personal floatation device. Also make sure to use the leash which attaches to the lower leg. That way if you fall, the board won’t drift away. 

Another tip is to begin on your knees if standing is a challenge. A low center of gravity can help beginners keep their balance and grow more comfortable on the board. When standing, position yourself in the center of the board with a wider stance for balance. Keeping your eyes focused ahead rather than at your feet can also help with balance. 

Remember, practice makes perfect! The more time you spend navigating the board through the warm, shallow intracoastal waters of Florida, the better you’ll be and the more fun paddleboarding becomes. Many flock to paddleboarding because it’s an activity you can pursue the rest of your life. 

Like with any water activity, checking the weather forecast before you will go a long way in a fun paddleboarding experience. Calm, sunny days are best! Also, make sure you bring a waterproof bag for your phone, wallet and more because there’s always a chance you get wet! 

PADL is also looking to expand their locations elsewhere around the country and they’re in the process of making it happen! You can visit the PADL WeFunder page to learn more about where PADL is going and how you can get involved.

If you’ve never tried paddleboarding, you’re missing out on one of the best pre and-post cruise activities in Florida. PADL provides everything you need for a great experience paddleboarding no matter what your skill level. Download the PADL app and get started on your next paddleboarding adventure!




This post was sponsored by PADL.