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First Loggerhead Turtles Hatch at Ocean Cay Marine Reserve

MSC Cruises’ new private island resort Ocean Cay Marine Reserve is popular with cruisers and sea turtles alike according to a press release from the cruise line! MSC Cruises announced that since August, hundreds of Loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings have made their way from egg to sand to sea and that’s great news for an island with ambitions of being a haven for sea life. 

The island included 64 square miles of protected waters and is still in the midst of its transformation from sand dredging operation to stunning tropical paradise. The fact that the turtles have arrived is a great sign that the island is getting close to reaching its full potential. 

Sea Turtles

Photo: MSC. Cruises

According to Linden Coppell, MSC Cruises’ Sustainability Director, the turtle hatchlings happened much, much quicker than expected. 

“We are all absolutely thrilled to see Loggerhead turtles come to Ocean Cay’s beaches to lay eggs so soon. This can take many years to happen with a newly restored ecosystem and we weren’t certain that they would come or when. We hope to see many more hatchlings in future nesting seasons and that these recent arrivals return to Ocean Cay when the time comes for them to nest,” she said. 

Once the nests were discovered, the team at MSC quickly marked and monitored them to ensure they were protected under the island’s Biodiversity Management Plan. Along with turtles, the island is a coral restoration project as reefs are a vitally important marine ecosystem.  

When the island first opened in late 2019, MSC Cruises’ Executive Chairman Pierfrancesco Vago echoed the cruise line’s commitment to the environment. 

 “Ocean Cay is founded on a deep commitment to ecological principles – beliefs that shape everything from how venues are built, to how the island is run, to the kinds of activities featured on the island,” he said at the time. 

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