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Finding the Perfect Asado in Buenos Aires

There’s no denying the beauty and Old World charm of Buenos Aires. From the European-style architecture to the passion of the Argentine people, it is truly a cultural haven of the southern hemisphere. However, any discussion of Buenos Aires would not be complete without taking a look at the amazing food. More specifically, Argentina’s varied landscapes and lush green pastures enable the country to produce some of the finest beef in the world. As a result, the Argentine asado, or “barbecue,” is the envy of the world.

Your Guide to Asado in Buenos Aires

Whether you’ve just landed in Buenos Aires or you’re still planning your trip, you will want to know where to get the best asado in the city. Thankfully, if you walk a few blocks in any direction, you are bound to find a parrilla, or “grill,” that serves high-quality meats. However, while most parrillas in the city are fantastic, there are a few that really stand out thanks to their food, service, atmosphere, and charm.

Let’s take a look at a few restaurants that serve some of the best asado in the “Paris of South America.”

La Cabrera

La Cabrera opened during the Argentine financial crisis of 2001. Despite instability and uncertainty in its early days, the restaurant persisted, opening two locations in the neighborhood of Palmero. It quickly became known as one of the best places for asado in Buenos Aires. In addition to traditional dishes like mollejas and chorizo, La Cabrera offers provoleta cheese with prosciutto and pesto, a signature dish that is served at every table. Additionally, the restaurant uses a special 15-day aging process for their beef that amplifies the flavor.

Don Julio

Don Julio is all about the atmosphere. With a classic European-style bar and room for indoor and outdoor seating, this restaurant will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine. The decor gives you the authentic experience of Buenos Aires in the 1930s and 40s. However, Don Julio is not just a pretty face. The restaurant offers an excellent wine selection and fantastic local dishes native to Palermo Viejo, or “Old Palermo.”

Estilo Campo

Located by the picturesque Puerto Madero, Estilo Campo is a special experience that you won’t want to miss. The wait staff dress like Gauchos (Argentine cowboys), and the restaurant is designed to resemble an authentic Argentine ranch. In addition to the cool atmosphere, Estilo Campo offers a wide range of tantalizing meats and dishes, including traditional asado, chivito, lamb, pork, grilled vegetables, and many other options.

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Gran Parrilla Del Plata

Located in the heart of Monserrat, the Gran Parrilla Del Plata is frequented by tourists and locals alike, and for good reason. As soon as you walk in the door, you are greeted by friendly staff and treated like royalty. While you wait for your food, you can admire the classic Argentine decor. There is plenty of asado to go around, as the portions are large, with thick, succulent cuts of grade-A beef. Once you’re finished with the main course, you can choose from their great selection of desserts.

La Estancia

If you are looking for a fun evening out, there is no better place than La Estancia, located in the neighborhood of San Nicolas. In addition to the lively atmosphere, this parrilla has beautiful, hand-painted murals lining the walls. Both the food and wine selections are excellent, and you won’t need to break the bank to have a feast fit for kings, as La Estancia offers some of the best prices in town.

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