Famous Cruise Brand Royal Jewelry Brings Their Signature Gemstone Online

Travelers from around the world have waited more than a year to get back onboard their favorite cruise ships. They want to eat in the specialty restaurants, explore exotic ports of call and stroll through corridors lined with luxury shopping options. Every cruiser has a different aspect of the cruise vacation that they love most, and for many, it is impossible to recreate those experiences at home. However, there is one aspect of a cruise vacation you can enjoy from the comfort of your living room, and Royal Jewelry is making it better now than ever before. 

Every modern cruise ship has a selection of high-end shopping, from fine jewelry and watches to designer clothing and accessories. For some, the best part of a cruise vacation was perusing these many shops onboard and finding a unique gift for themselves or someone they love. Some brands, like the ultra-exclusive Russalite, aren’t found anywhere else in the world other than onboard cruise ships, which creates even higher demand with the pause in cruising. 

If you’re a frequent cruiser, you’ve most likely admired the jewelry collections curated by the team at Royal Jewelry and their online store ShopRussalite.com. A highly-sought after brand on cruise ships for nearly 30 years, Royal Jewelry has helped countless cruisers find the perfect legacy piece; whether it be a diamond necklace, or Russalite ring and earrings set. Royal Jewelry is a pioneer in luxury cruise shopping, and now, they are taking the industry by storm with their online collection. Their selection of precious gemstones like Russalite, found almost exclusively onboard ships, is now available online and shipped directly to your front door at a fraction of the cost. For those who like to support local business, all Royal Jewelry merchandise is manufactured and shipped directly to you from the United States.

What is Russalite? 

Our story starts deep in the heart of Siberia, a place where the wintertime temperature average is below zero. This is where one of the world’s most exclusive and sought-after gemstones can be found; Russalite. 

Russalite is relatively new when it comes to exotic gemstones with mines only operating since its discovery in 1988. Also known as Russian Chrome Diopside, the brilliant gemstone is green in its purest form and the stone is translucent and is versatile enough to appear in a number of different varieties of jewelry. Depending on the amount of Chromium found in the stone, the color can range from dark and vivid to a bright green that shines for all to see.

The danger of freezing temperatures and the extreme remote location make it impossible to mine the gemstone throughout the year. Instead, crews head to the mines in the summertime when the ground thaws and the subzero temperatures of winter are still months away. This means that the yearly supply of the stone is limited, adding to the allure and exclusiveness of owning a piece of its jewelry. There’s no doubt that when you purchase a piece of Russalite jewelry, you’re on a short list of people who did the same that year. 

What draws people to Russalite is the gorgeous green color. Many mistake Russalite for an emerald as they both gain their color from the element Chromium. Russalite is an untreated stone, meaning that it doesn’t require any heat, radiation, oils or diffusion for it to look it’s best. Even after it’s mined, only 1% of the Russalite raised from the ground is of acceptable quality and makes it to the cutting room floor. Russalite is an ideal stone to craft gorgeous, long-lasting pieces of jewelry as it looks excellent set in white, yellow or rose gold so you can match your personal style. 

Russalite looks incredible in a number of different jewelry styles and the pros at Royal Jewelry have curated an impressive collection cruisers will love. Whether you’re buying for yourself or someone special, the Royal Jewelry online store makes it easy to view and select your favorite pieces. The Shop Russalite online store makes it easy to browse the many collections for those looking for a very specific piece of jewelry. The website has the largest collection of Russalite jewelry available online, making it a one-stop shop for all your Russalite needs. The team at Royal Jewelry are happy to help you make a selection via their convenient online live chat, by phone or at the email listed on the shoprussalite.com website.

Caring for Russalite

Russalite jewelry has the potential to last for decades in pristine condition. With a hardness rating between five and six, Russalite is on par with other exotic stones used in jewelry making. There’s no need to use any harsh chemicals when cleaning your stone. Simply use a mild dishwashing soap and some warm water and a soft-bristled brush to gently wash away any dirt or dust. Dry it off with a soft towel and your Russalite is as good as new!

Exclusive Deal for Porthole Readers

If you’re missing the cruise experience, Royal Jewelry is here to help. They’re offering an exclusive deal on their Russalite collection and it’s only for Porthole Readers! In addition to the 50% off sale currently going on at the Shop Russalite website, cruisers can take an additional 10% off at checkout using the code PORTHOLE10. That’s up to 60% off your favorite Russalite necklaces, rings, earrings and more. Even onboard ships you couldn’t find a deal that good. Shop Russalite ships direct from the manufacturer so they’re able to offer the lowest prices on high-end Russalite and the rest of their premier jewelry catalog. 

We’re all missing our favorite cruise vacation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate some of your favorite cruise ship experiences from your own home. Enjoy even more discounts on your favorite cruise ship jewelry from one of the most trusted names in onboard shopping when you shop online with ShopRussalite.com. They’ve made buying high-end and exclusive jewelry like Russalite as easy as a few clicks and with the PORTHOLE10 discount, you can save even more than you would onboard the ship. 

If you’re interested in diamonds, rubies, sapphires or any other quality gemstone jewelry, you can also visit www.royallegacyjewels.com to view the many other collections curated by the experts at Royal Jewelry.  



This post was sponsored by Royal Jewelry.