Buy Art on a Cruise Ship

Don’t Skip the Art Auction on Your Next Cruise

Have you ever heard someone say cruising has something for everyone? That expression has never been more apt as modern ships of today are a dazzling combination of theme park, 5-star hotel, Michelin-starred restaurant and oh yeah, it moves, too!

If you’re less interested in waterslides and laser tag, one of the most underrated activities on a cruise vacation is the art auction. Most mega ships of today have a dedicated gallery of paintings, sculptures and etchings from some of the world’s most popular artists of today.

When it comes to art on a cruise ship, there’s one name cruisers recognize; Park West Gallery. With decades of experience, Park West Gallery oversees countless auctions on board cruise ships each year from major brands and on itineraries all over the world. Their knowledgeable and courteous gallery curators who operate the galleries and host the auctions at sea are invaluable resources both seasoned collectors and those new to art alike. 

Founded in 1969, Park West Gallery is the most trusted name in cruise ship art. They’ve assisted well over 3 million guests over the years learn more about art, how auctions work and even helped them find a work of art that resonates. The gallery’s goal isn’t just to curate auctions, but also educate and help people gain an appreciation for the arts. Park West Gallery is happy to help assist and educate those who are just beginning their journey towards art ownership. As a special offer for cruisers, Park West Gallery is letting guests pre-register for the art auctions on board their next cruise for a special free gift and a $100 art credit they can use during the event.

Cruise Ship Art Auction

How Does an Art Auction Work? 

At first glance, art auctions can be a little intimidating! Auctioneers command the room as bids emerge from the crowd and it may come off as just gibberish at first, but it’s actually the auctioneer controlling the auction. When the last bid comes in, the auctioneer ends the auction and it’s on to the next work of art! Park West Gallery curates art from a number of unique styles and mediums; oil painting, watercolors, acrylics, drawings, etchings, carvings, statues and more so there’s a wide variety of works to bid on. 

If you’re interested in attending, visiting the gallery prior to the auction is recommended. That way, you can take a good, long look at the works on display and decide if there’s something you like. This is also an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the helpful and experienced gallery curators. They can point you in the right direction if you’re generally interested in art or have questions about a specific work of art or artist. 

Park West Gallery

Does My Cruise Line have Park West?

Park West Gallery is one of the foremost authorities on art auctions at sea, overseeing thousands of auctions each year on board major cruise lines like Carnival, Celebrity, Norwegian, MSC, Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises. To check the full list of cruise lines, check out the Park West Gallery cruise ship art auction pre-registration page and view the drop down menu to select your cruise line, it’s that easy! 

Pre-Register for Your Next Cruise Art Auction 

For a limited time, Park West Gallery is offering their best perks every just for attending the art auction on your next cruise! The gallery is giving guests the opportunity to pre-register for the auction on their next sailing in exchange for $100 bid credit and a free gift on arrival. Pre-registering is fast, simple and a smart idea for those looking to add to their personal art collection. 

If you’re going on a cruise soon, there’s no downside whatsoever for pre-registering. There’s no obligation to bid on anything! You can sit, enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne and watch the often fun and exciting action that is a live auction. Even if you’re not sure about making an art purchase, sitting and watching a fast-paced auction with a complimentary glass of champagne is something new and different for most of us. Many sitting in on their first art auction are surprised at how exciting and entertaining it is when a special piece is shown and the bids start flying.

Now that cruising is back in full swing, Park West Gallery is ready to welcome guests back on board with a smile! Don’t forget to pre-register online for your next cruise vacation and take advantage of the $100 bid credit and free gift! So, when the lido deck gets a little too crowded, the art auction is waiting! 








This post was sponsored by Park West Gallery.