Caribbean Vacation

Don’t Forget This One Thing on Your Caribbean Vacation

Mountainous islands burst forth from crystal clear water. Tropical birds whistle and caw from palm to palm. Fish dart among coral reefs teeming with life. Happy vacationers sink their toes in soft, white sand, ice cold drinks and a great book in hand. There’s truly nothing on Earth like a great Caribbean vacation.

If you’re thinking about a Caribbean vacation in the near future, you’ve probably packed your swimsuit and SPF 50, but there’s something you’re forgetting that will absolutely make your trip better; gloves!

Pack Gloves on a Caribbean Vacation

One of the most popular shore excursions for those traveling to the Caribbean on a cruise ship is ziplining. Caribbean islands are known for their beauty, but also for their topography. Many islands soar high out of the turquoise water, creating the perfect altitude for a zipline. The rush of soaring from a rocky peak to skimming your toes on the ocean below is a thrill you won’t soon forget!

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They may look scary, but ziplines are very safe and offer fun for the whole family. However, there are some safety features which must be adhered too. Helmets and harnesses are obvious, but one thing most don’t realize is that gloves are another mandatory piece of the ensemble. Zipline operators provide all of this for you, but many vacationers are a little turned off when they’re handed an old, ratty pair of gloves that thousands of people before them have used.

Stiff from a combination of dried sweat and rope-burn, it can take a lot of courage to put your hands in them. What choice do you have, however? You want to ride the line! The best thing to do is think ahead and pack your own set of gloves for a ziplining adventure.

Zipline gloves are relatively inexpensive and they’re worth every penny when you see the disgusted faces of those in your group putting their hands into a cesspool of used nylon and neoprene. Your gloves will be so fresh and ready to help protect your hands from the rope, everyone around you will be asking to borrow them!

Sunglasses? Check. Flip flops? Check. Zipline gloves? Trust us, you better pack those too!