Cruising to Martinique? Don’t Forget Your Passport

For most islands in the Caribbean, cruisers don’t need to bring their passports ashore when they leave the ship to go exploring. However, the island of Martinique is changing its policy when it comes to cruisers and passports. Now any cruiser who wants to get off the ship on the island must have their passport with them at all times.

Carnival Cruise Line sent out a letter to all those booked on cruises to the island informing passengers of the change and encouraging them to bring their passport in order to visit the island. Cruisers without a passport can still book a cruise which stops at the island, but will not be allowed to disembark the ship while at the port. 

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Cruise to Martinique

Part of the Lesser Antilles and a part of France, Martinique is a popular cruising destination thanks to everything that makes the Caribbean so wonderful. Cruisers love the beautiful beaches, the stunning waterfalls and crystal clear waters, not to mention fantastic French and Caribbean inspired cuisine. 

Like most Caribbean islands, the high season for cruise passengers on the island starts sometime in early November and continues into the Spring. Most islanders speak French and Creole, with some English here and there. The population of nearly 400,000 is a diverse group with many cultures and nationalities found on the island. 

Tips for Cruising with your Passport

 While American citizens on a cruise that starts and ends at an American port don’t technically need a passport, we recommend bringing it anyway just in case. Closed-loop cruises, as they are known, only require proof of citizenship – a driver’s license or any Government issued picture ID or even a birth certificate work. For Americans, a passport is not necessary in most cases, even if you disembark the ship in foreign countries (other than Martinique), so long as the cruise starts and ends in the good ol’ USA.