Enjoy the Squeeze at These Healthy Juice Hotspots

Perhaps the most well-known feature of cruising is the extravagant and abundant food options available all day, every day. Recently, cruise lines have been adding even more choices appealing to the health-conscious consumer. Some have added full dining venues dedicated specifically to healthful eating, and many have opted to jump on the juicing trend, adding outposts that boast cold-pressed and fresh juices, smoothies, power shots, and more.

For at least the last decade, juice bars on land have become the go-to spot for quick fruit and veggie fixes, catapulted into the limelight for both the casual, health-conscious consumer as well as the hardcore juice enthusiast. Whether these liquid libations are a part of a detox or cleanse, a dietary supplement for weight loss, or just a delicious treat, juices can help the body obtain important nutrients and antioxidants. And because the juice process removes the soluble fiber from the actual fruit or vegetable, the body can absorb these nutrients almost instantly without the usual work of digestion. Similar superfood blends in the form of smoothies and bowls — usually sold at most juice bars — are also an amazing way to get a ton of vitamins, minerals, and plant components in just one serving.

So, while we all know that fruits and vegetables are an integral part of good health, many of us do not get the recommended servings per day, especially not on vacation. Cruise lines are now making sure that our ocean and river retreats are great escapes for our souls, minds, and our bodies.

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Elizabeth Martinez is a former music and nightlife journalist whose love of writing is second only to her love for traveling and going on adventures. She finally found the courage to leave her upwardly mobile corporate job in order to follow her dream of returning to writing, visiting new places, and perfecting her photography skills.