Honeymoon Cruise

Cruise Control: Top 4 Reasons to Honeymoon on a Cruise

Picking the perfect vacation to follow the perfect wedding can become just as stressful as picking where to seat your rambunctious second cousin at the reception, but luckily, we have just the solution for you!

Cruising is the best way to go when it comes to booking your honeymoon, and here’s why:

The Food

Never again will you have to worry about picking the wrong restaurant. Vegan, vegetarian, meat lover — the cruise line has you covered with a wide array of dining options. If you have a hard time picking one entrée, you can order two or three at a time at no extra charge! What this means for honeymooners is that FOR ONCE you won’t be picking the wrong restaurant or dish.

Tying into great food is the dining experience. At all-inclusive resorts, staff is changed throughout your stay, so it’s possible to never see the same waiter twice. On a number of cruise ships, you have the option to dine with the same wait staff at the main dining room, and these amazing individuals get to know you and aim to make your trip extra-special.


Dress Up or Dress Down

One of the most memorable experiences on a ship is formal night. Everyone dresses to the nines — and in a culture where black-tie events are reserved for the elite, it makes everyone feel special to have a night or two to feel, and be treated, like a king or queen. Walking in to the lounge looking and feeling like a celebrity is the perfect way to start the evening off right!

On the other hand, formal night is not everyone’s favorite night, which is why a cruise option like the windjammer is a way to escape formal nights and dress down after a long day of exploring off-ship.


You Won’t Be Restricted

Being locked in one place tends to get boring after the second night. Let’s be real — young honeymooners want an extra thrill when going on vacation, whether it be zip lining, off-roading, or hiking through the jungle. A cruise ship is in a new port almost every day. Adventurous activities are great for bonding!


The Ice Bucket

It’s the small perks from excellent cabin stewards that make your honeymoon experience truly memorable. Every cruiser knows about the towel animals, but what about the rose petals on the bed, the door decorations, and the best of the best — NEVER AGAIN WILL YOU HAVE TO WALK DOWN SOME LONG CORRIDOR TO GET ICE!

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