Celebrity Cruises has launched the world’s first digital virtual experience on a cruise ship dubbed, the “Wonderverse,” where prospective guests will get the chance to virtually experience certain spaces onboard Celebrity Beyond and chat with key leaders in the company.

The first experience in cruising of its kind, passengers will get to “see before they sail” exploring digital recreations of areas on Celebrity’s newest ship, Celebrity Beyond. Celebrity Beyond is part of the company’s groundbreaking Edge Series. The Wonderverse will give guests the opportunity to experience entertainment aboard Celebrity Beyond, like the famous Martini Bar Flair Show, and the ability to virtually visit top destinations that Celebrity sails to, including Alaska to the Caribbean and Europe to Asia. 

Guests can also meet and chat with the line’s top executives as digital avatars, including President and CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, Captain Kate McCue – the first and only American female captain of a major cruise ship, and Nate Berkus, Celebrity’s Edge Series Travel Ambassador, and the designer of The Sunset Bar on Celebrity Beyond.

The Wonderverse was built in partnership with Surreal Events, a group of virtual event platform architects. Celebrity’s Wonderverse also includes games and activities, entertainment, “Easter eggs” and much more for guests to take part in. Guests can access the Wonderverse through celebritycruises.com/wonderverse.

The experience launches today, just in time for the holiday season. The timing is impeccable as plenty of people are deciding where to travel in the new year. 

Celebrity Beyond is the newest, most luxurious and most innovative ship in our fleet and I can’t think of a better ship to showcase its state-of-the-art design than in our state-of-the-art Wonderverse,” said Lutoff-Perlo. “Celebrity has always been at the forefront of consumer desires, literally creating resorts at sea with the design of our ships and the onboard experiences offered; and now we’re bringing this to life in new ways to inspire and connect with travelers.”

“We’ve revolutionized cruise ship design and now we’re revolutionizing where cruise ships are experienced,” said Celebrity Cruises’ Chief Marketing Officer Michael Scheiner. “The Wonderverse allows us to unlock and bring to life the richness and fullness of the Celebrity experience in really exciting ways we can’t do through traditional marketing and advertising vehicles. We believe this has opportunities to expand even further, creating experiences our consumers are looking for.” 

Once guests hop onto the Wonderverse, they can enjoy interactive content, learn more about the ship, and discover destinations they can sail to on Celebrity Cruises including: 

  • The Magic Carpet: With a contemporary and unique design, The Magic Carpet soars above the sea with unbelievable views where guests can enjoy a virtual cocktail or eat dinner. This is the first space users will get to explore while in the Wonderverse. The area also doubles as a meeting space and provides users with a way to easily interact. 
  • The Grand Plaza: The social hub of Celebrity Beyond, The Grand Plaza spans three decks and includes Celebrity’s signature Martini Bar. The space will serve as a place where passengers can socialize, listen to music, and take in the entertainment at the famous Martini Bar Flair Show. Guests will also get the ability to chat with Celebrity’s President and CEO, Lisa Lutoff-Perlo.
  • The Resort Deck: The Resort Deck features a Rooftop Garden, the main pool, float pools, and sunken seating. This space also offers users a chance to chat with Captain Kate and Nate Berkus, who will highlight the brand’s 2024-2025 offerings. Users can also relax in lounge chairs, enjoy the pool, or grab a cocktail from the bar. 
  • The Sunset Bar: Designed by Nate Berkus, The Sunset Bar is a multi-leveled outdoor space where visitors can enjoy a great view and experience one of the most talked about spaces on any cruise ship. Guests can also hear Berkus share personal travel experiences that inspired the multi-terraced unique outdoor bar. 

The journey into the Wonderverse begins with users creating their own avatars. Shortly after, visitors will be taken to the Resort Deck, where they’ll receive a greeting from Captain Kate. From there, users can experience some of the destinations Celebrity travels to, including the Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier in Alaska; Santorini, Greece; Japan’s capital city of Tokyo and Mt. Fuji; and the Caribbean waters of St. Lucia. After, users will catch up with Nate Berkus at The Sunset Bar, where they will have the chance to ask him any questions pertaining to the ship or the ship’s design. After the experience, guests will have easy access to a portal for immediate bookings.