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Celebrity Cruises’ New Edge Series Ship Will Use Tri-Fueled Engine

Celebrity Cruises’ new Edge Series ship will advance the cruise industry’s use of alternative fuels with tri-fueled engines. The ship is the culmination of efforts by its parent company, Royal Caribbean Group, as well as the technology group Wärtsilä and shipyard Chantiers de L’Atlantique (CdA).

The new ship, which I will be the fifth in the Edge Series, features a new engine model. It also possesses storage and delivery systems that are able to use three types of fuel, optimizing fuel flexibility.

“By incorporating tri-fueled engines, we are ensuring that as alternative, low-carbon-based solutions become more viable, our ships will be ready to adapt and drive the industry forward to a more sustainable and net zero emissions future,” said Jason Liberty, president and CEO, Royal Caribbean Group.

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Wärtsilä will deliver two converted 8-cylinder Wärtsilä 46F engines, which allow the ship to process multiple kinds of fuel, including methanol. By using methanol, emission like sulfur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and other particulate matter will be reduced. 

“Wärtsilä has invested heavily into researching viable future carbon-neutral fuels for the marine industry, and methanol has emerged as one of the most promising candidates,” said Håkan Agnevall, President and CEO of Wärtsilä. “We share the commitment to decarbonize shipping, and the transparent partnership between our three companies for this newbuild project is a tremendous boost for achieving this aim.”

Wärtsilä is dedicated to finding carbon-neutral fuels for the marine industry, and this will be the second methanol-fueled engine conversion the company has undertaken with the Wärtsilä 46F engine. Wärtsilä will convert the 46F engines to run on methanol prior to commissioning. 

Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean Group have been committed to sustainability for over 30 years now, and utilizing alternative fuel methods for its newest Edge Series ship is part of their efforts to advance cruise sustainability.  

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By Lily Ogburn