Find True Paradise with a Bonaire Vacation

The best kept secret of the ABC Islands may very well be Bonaire. Many have heard of its sister islands, Aruba and Curaçao, but there’s so much more to explore when your next vacation is to Bonaire! From diving coral reefs with some truly fantastic sea life to exploring island towns with a rich history, there’s something for everyone on this incredible tropical island.

Why should your next vacation vacation be to Bonaire? Here are some of the best reasons why!

Explore Kralendijk


Aerial View of Kralendijk

Kralendijk is an old settlement as it’s been nearly 400 years since Fort Oranj was raised from its rocky shores by Dutch colonists. As time passed, European influence on the island was undeniable, evident in the churches, government buildings and trading posts which dominated the landscape. Many of them are still there today and add a unique historical aspect to an already fascinating island. From shops to restaurants and everything in between, there’s plenty to explore in the capital city.

Like most Caribbean towns, the first thing most notice when they explore the Bonaire capital of Kralendijk is the colors. Buildings are splashed with vibrant yellows, purples and reds as they stand along the bright blue coastline. Orange slate roofs play backdrop to green trees while birds of white like egrets and royal terns share the sand with pink flamingos in search of the brine shrimp from which their distinct color emerges. The whole rainbow is here just waiting to be explored.

Take a Windsurfing Lesson

The warm, shallow waters of Bonaire are the perfect place to try something new like windsurfing! The consistent trade winds which made the island a haven for trading companies hundreds of years ago make it an incredible windsurfing mecca today. The water is so warm and shallow in some spots that many feel like they’re windsurfing in a giant bathtub rather than the ocean. There are plenty of windsurfing rental and lesson providers dotting the island and with a little practice, you’ll be a pro in no time!

Visit the Pink Salt Lake


Bonaire Salt Basins

Bonaire was known historically for its salt production and it remains an integral part of the economy today. The basins, a brilliant pink color from millions of brine shrimp who inhabit them, were made centuries ago to fill with seawater which evaporated in the sun, leaving salt behind. Pekelmeer, the Dutch word for “salt lake” is also home to a flamingo sanctuary where wild birds are free to roam far from human interaction. Other species of bird like herons, cormorants and osprey also call the sanctuary home.

A Bonaire Vacation Means Relaxation


Terramar Luxury Apartments

While there’s no shortage of fun activities and sights to see, many who come to the island find its isolation from the rest of the world makes it a perfect place to kick back and unwind. There are incredible hotels and resorts on the island where guests can lounge on the beach enjoying the bright sunlight and warm waters far from the stresses of life back home. Bonaire offers a chance to get away and find true relaxation in a tropical paradise

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